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Willow Tree and Aspirin 2021

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Willow Tree and Aspirin 2021

Willow Tree and Aspirin 2021

Willow Tree and Aspirin The healing properties of willow trees have been known for 3500 years. Herbal medicines produced naturally from leaves and shells were used as pain relievers and antipyretics in ancient times. Hippocrates was one of the first physicians to be aware of salicylic acid. For the treatment of some ailments, he prescribed the water obtained from willow bark as a medicine. The substance in the water that relieves pain is salicylic acid as we know it today.

The drug that emerged with the production of pure acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) by the chemist Felix Hoffmann in 1897 was called ASPIRIN. ASA is the active ingredient of Aspirin used as pain reliever and antipyretic. Its source is the willow tree that grows all over the world.
Today, when the following article comes to my email, I wanted to share it with you. Aspirin should always be in a corner. If there are any wrong points in this article, please add my doctor friends comments.

Cuts itching:
Crush a few tablets of Aspirin into powder. Mix the powder you have with some moisturizer and apply it to the itchy area. This lotion will allow Aspirin to penetrate the skin and stop itching.

It lowers blood pressure:
A study by Spanish scientists revealed that Aspirin is good for high blood pressure. 100 milligrams of aspirin taken every day significantly reduces large and small blood pressure.
But experts warn: You should drink aspirin at night, not in the morning.

Against sunburn:
Burns caused by being under the sun suddenly in the summer are quite painful and then cause blisters on the skin. However, two Aspirin to be taken at least one or two hours after being under the sun will reduce both burning and the accumulation of water in the skin.

Heart friendly:
Taking at least 75 milligrams of Aspirin a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30 percent by thinning the blood and preventing vascular inflammation. When chest pain is felt
Chopping aspirin helps prevent possible heart attacks from the start and even if there is a seizure, it reduces the damage caused by it.

Nasira sounds good:
Powder 5-6 Aspirin and mix in half a teaspoon of water and lemon juice. After applying this mixture on the corneous area, cover it with a warm and moist cloth for 10 minutes. The acid in the aspirin will soften the callus and after rubbing it with a sponge, your callus will improve.
Prevents prostate:

A 5.5-year study by experts at the famous health center Mayo Clinic on 1400 men showed that the risk of prostate was doubled in men who took Aspirin every day.
Prevents colon cancer:
If one of your family members has colon cancer, it is a great benefit to drink Aspirin every day. According to studies, the risk of colon cancer in men who take 81 milligrams of Aspirin per day can decrease by 50 percent compared to those who do not.

She has cold sores:
According to a study conducted by Hungarian experts, 125 milligrams of Aspirin taken every day can reduce the life of herpes on the skin from 8 to 5 days on average, by almost half. Aspirin also reduces inflammation that causes cold sores, allowing the affected area to heal faster.
Protects from Alzheimer’s:
According to a study conducted by scientists at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in regular Aspirin users for several years is about 80 percent less than those who use the drug irregularly.

It is good for resentment in women:
Argentine experts conducted tests on a group of women who could not have children. One of the women was given only the infectious medicine, and the other group was given 100 milligrams of Aspirin together with the infectious medicine. Since aspirin increases blood circulation in the ovary, those who took the drug with aspirin had a 40 percent chance of getting pregnant. There was an increase of 20 percent in those who only took infertility drugs.
He rips out the wicks:

Take a piece of tape, make a round hole in the middle, and stick it to your skin so that the hole is just over the scion. Apply the aspirin that you have powdered before on the wart with the tip sticking out of the tape, but do not get it on other parts of your skin. Then cover it with another tape and apply the same procedure for three nights in a row.
Your sigil will be healed.

Protects from stroke
The cause of the stroke is blood clotting. The most important feature of aspirin is that it prevents coagulation. It was known that taking an aspirin every day prevented a new stroke by 25 percent in men who had had a stroke.
Experts based on this think it will be equally effective in those at risk of stroke in general. Some studies even show that this rate may be even higher.

Caution Aspirin can pierce your stomach!
With these new benefits, it has been proven once again that Aspirin is truly a miracle drug. However, like any drug, Aspirin can also have harmful effects. Experts especially warn stomach patients: Caution, Aspirin stomachey

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