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What is Iron Deficiency 2021? What are the Symptoms?

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What is Iron Deficiency 2021? What are the Symptoms?

What is Iron Deficiency 2021? What are the Symptoms?

Iron deficiency is a disorder that results from the lack of red blood cells in our body and causes oxygen deficiency in the body along with the blood. 20% of those with iron deficiency are women, 50% are pregnant and 3% are men. After anemia, the oxygen level in the body also drops. Later, the organs in the body become unable to function and “symptoms of iron deficiency” begin to appear.

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What are the Symptoms of Iron Deficiency?

Symptoms of iron deficiency can sometimes be severe enough to restrict the daily activity of the person, and sometimes to be mild. Although the symptoms begin as mild, the symptoms begin to worsen as the body’s need for iron increases. Here are the general symptoms of iron deficiency;

1. Weakness

Weakness that occurs for no reason is one of the biggest symptoms of iron deficiency. As the oxygen level to the body decreases, the energy of the person is consumed and he always feels tired and tired. The person may also take on an angry nature.

2.Pale Skin

Due to the scarcity of blood cells in the body, the person’s skin looks pale than it should be. Especially the lips, inside of the mouth and the gums look pale.

3. Shortness of breath

It is very common for you to have shortness of breath due to the lack of oxygen in the body. Since oxygen is insufficient, the person constantly needs to breathe. Normally, activities that do not strain your breathing cause shortness of breath due to iron deficiency.

4. Palpitations

One of the symptoms of iron deficiency is palpitations. The reason is that the heart works harder for oxygen than usual.

5. Desire to Eat Inedible

The desire to eat something that cannot be eaten is one of the biggest symptoms of iron deficiency. There may be iron deficiency under the desire to eat things that cannot be eaten, as well as psychological reasons.

6. Increased Anxiety

The reduced amount of oxygen in the blood adversely affects the nervous system. Symptoms of iron deficiency include unreasonable anxiety and nervousness.

7.Hair Loss

Hair loss is a symptom of advanced iron deficiency, ie iron deficiency anemia.

8.Lack of Concentration

When iron is deficient, concentration and memory are impaired.

9.Weak and Brittle Nails

Iron deficiency is the main cause of broken or deformed nails in our fingers. Broken nails are one of the symptoms of iron deficiency. Caring for our nails, which shows that there is not enough iron from food, will not correct the problem. If there is not enough iron, the nails coming from the root will grow weak and damaged.

10. Lack of appetite

Iron deficiency, which leads from eating to drinking, makes us feel exhausted and weaken. Fatigue, which is one of the biggest symptoms, is also due to inadequate nutrition. Lack of appetite can be caused by many factors day by day, and if there is an unexpected loss of appetite, the cause is iron deficiency.

11. Cold Hands and Feet

With the decrease in body resistance, the fingers and toes, which are the furthest points of the body, begin to feel cold as there is not enough blood pressure and sufficient energy production. When there is no disease, the biggest cause of these chills is iron deficiency.

12. Dizziness

Along with weakness, fatigue, and other symptoms, iron deficiency also causes dizziness. However, the main reason for this is that the body is tired. The disorders caused by iron deficiency trigger each other in a chain.

13.Tingling Sensation in the Legs

When there is no necessary nutrition, our body cannot produce the energy it needs to produce and we become exhausted. What we need in doing any job is strength and endurance. However, when iron is lost in the body, endurance will be minimized. However, there will be numbness and tingling in the legs.

14. Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a feeling of inability to stand, accompanied by mild tremors in our legs. There may be more than one reason for getting this syndrome, and one of the biggest reasons is iron deficiency.

15. Tongue Pain

Decreased sense of taste and pain in the tongue indicate iron deficiency. Failure to taste the food you eat will gradually cause appetite disturbance.

What Is Good For Iron Deficiency?

Many patients with iron deficiency constantly wonder the question “what is good for iron deficiency?”  For example, plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, milk and dairy products, fish, beans, eggs, walnuts are foods rich in iron. Foods that are good for iron deficiency are also called herbal solutions in colloquial language. Here are some iron deficiency herbal remedies …

1. Apple

Apple is one of the foods that are good for iron deficiency. Apple is a very common food in the treatment of anemia. Each adult should consume an average of 2-3 apples per day. If possible, we recommend consuming green apples.

2. Honey

One of the foods that eliminate iron deficiency is honey. Honey is an excellent anemia remedy. Mix lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey. Do not neglect to use it daily. It has a feature that benefits iron deficiency one to one.

3. Currant (Dried)

There is a large amount of iron and vitamin C in red currant. In general, it is very good for anemia found in women. Thanks to vitamin C, it eliminates the body’s iron deficiency. After soaking an average of 10 dried black currants in water overnight, remove them from the water and remove their seeds. Eating before breakfast is good for iron deficiency.

4. Beet

Perhaps it is one of the foods that contain the most iron. It contains fiber, calcium, potassium and sulfur and vitamins. Beet, which is one to one for iron deficiency, also cleans the body. It also increases the amount of blood in the body.

5. Spinach

Spinach, which removes the iron deficiency in the human body, is a good food source in terms of vitamin B12 and folic acid. Spinach consumption eliminates 40 percent of the average iron deficiency.

Chicken livers, veal, salmon, tuna, peas, dried beans, walnuts, spinach, green peppers, almonds and sunflower seeds are also natural food sources that help to overcome iron deficiency.

What are the harms of iron deficiency?

If we make long lists of iron deficiency damages here, we still cannot finish it. For example, as a result of iron deficiency in babies, normal activities and movements slow down. Low weight and premature birth can be seen in iron deficiency during pregnancy. Babies born prematurely or under low weight carry a higher risk of disease than other babies up to 1-2 years after birth. Iron deficiency damages affect people of all ages separately. If you think you have such a condition, we recommend that you consult your doctor first.

Among the “iron deficiency damages” found in young people, the performance in school and workplace is the main one. It also negatively affects the short-term memory of the person and causes concentration disorders. In order to eliminate iron deficiency damages, you need to take daily iron supplements. If you do not want to have iron deficiency in your body

The daily need for iron;

Pregnancy period
We can divide it into 5 as the breastfeeding period.
For babies;

0-6 months 0.27 mg
7-12 months 11 mg

For kids;

1-3 years 7 mg
4-8 years 10 mg
9-13 years 8 mg
14- 18 years 11 mg
For adults;

19-30 years 8 mg (E) 18 mg (K)
31-50 years 8 mg (E) 18 mg (K)
51-70 years 8 mg
> 70 years 8 mg
For pregnant women;

19-50 years 27 mg
For breastfeeding mothers;

19-50 years 9 mg

What are the causes of iron deficiency?

There can be many reasons for iron deficiency. We can collect these reasons in 2 main categories.

Increased need for iron
The body’s inability to process iron

1. Increased Need for Iron

Iron is needed in every stage of my life. Especially for children, the need for iron is very important and necessary. Iron needs for children may not be met through diet alone. As a result, the risk of iron deficiency increases.

Pregnant women need more iron than usual. Iron deficiency is also seen in women who have a very heavy menstrual period. One of the causes of iron deficiency is blood loss because the need for iron increases as a result of blood loss. For this reason, iron deficiency occurs because frequent blood donations and bleeding ulcers cause blood loss.

2. The Body’s Inability to Process Iron

The iron taken from animal products is well absorbed by the body. Therefore, vegetarians are mostly iron deficient. People who do not consume meat should at least consume foods rich in iron. In addition, it has been determined that drugs used in the treatment of reflux and ulcers can cause iron deficiency. These drugs must be used under the supervision of a doctor.

How Is Iron Deficiency Diagnosed?

If you see signs of iron deficiency, your doctor will order tests to measure the amount of iron in your blood. These tests;

Hemoglobin test
Hematocrit test
Complete blood count
Serum ferritin test
Serum iron test
Iron Deficiency Treatment

If the patient develops iron deficiency after the tests requested by the doctor, the underlying causes of iron deficiency should be investigated. The reason for this is that the treatment method varies according to the factors that cause iron deficiency. For example; If the ulcer has caused iron deficiency, the ulcer should be treated first. If the doctor diagnoses iron deficiency as a nutritional deficiency, then he may prescribe iron supplements to the patient. Apart from that, he can also give an iron-supported nutrition program. In the treatment of iron deficiency, first of all, it should be understood under the doctor’s control which disease causes iron deficiency. After the diagnosis, iron deficiency treatment should be started.
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The written and visual content in our content is a suggestion and information letter that has been compiled from different sources. It is not a definitive diagnosis and treatment.

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