What are the benefits of Tatula 2021

What are the benefits of Tatula 2021

What are the benefits of Tatula 2021

Tatula: Latin name DATURASTRAMONIUM Other known names of this plant in our country are Abızambak, Pipe Flower, Devil’s Apple, and Magic Herb. Only its leaves are used in alternative medicine. The species of tree tatula (datura arborea), hairy tatula (datura innoxia), tubular flower (datura metel) are also used for the same purposes.

Benefits of Tatula


It is beneficial in asthma with its shortness of breath effect. It is a drug and antispasmodic. It stops the pain. Reduces sweating, stomach and Turkish secretions. It is used in old age, neuralgia, soothing the nervous system, respiratory tract diseases, antispasmotic and antiallergic, pertussis, asthma and Parkinson syndrome.

How to Use Tatula: Its leaves, flowers and seeds are used. Tincture or oil obtained from its seeds can be used. It can be used to relieve shortness of breath in the form of cigarettes, as well as pain relievers in the form of ointment.

Damages of Tatula: It is a poisonous plant. It should be used under doctor’s control. Otherwise, you can get poisoned.

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