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Turmeric healing source 2021

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Turmeric healing source 2021

Turmeric healing source 2021

There are about 40 species of fennel, which belong to a subgroup of gingerbread, the most important of which are Indian turmeric, Curcuma Domerstica, Java Turmeric, C. Xanthorrhiza, Malaysian Turmeric, C. Zedoaria and Bangladesh Turmeric, C. makes. There are also species such as pink turmeric, C. Rosea (C. Roseaana) grown as ornamental plants.

Turmeric has been known and used in countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh for thousands of years. The plant, which first came to Arab countries and then to Turks, was started to be sold to Europe as a spice in the 1500’s. Historically, it has been used by physicians against liver diseases seen especially in tropical countries. In modern researches carried out today, it has been understood that the plant is really effective and various herbal medicines have been made.

Mode of action: It has the properties of increasing bile, opening and activating the bile ducts, lowering cholesterol and lipid in the blood, preventing inflammation, destroying free radicals, inhibiting prostaglandin production and destroying microbes.

How to use:
According to researches, digestive disorders; It has been found that it is effective against bloating, obstruction, gastrointestinal disorders, liver bile diseases, lowers cholesterol and lipid in the blood, eliminates radicals (antioxidative), prevents inflammation and reduces prostaglandin production.

Tea: Half a coffee spoon (1.5-3g) of finely chopped turmeric root or powder is put in the teapot and 300-500 ml of boiling water is added on it and left to brew for 8-10 minutes, then it is filtered and drunk.

Homeopathy: 20g of turmeric root powder is placed in a bottle and 80ml of 70% alcohol is added. After waiting 4-6 weeks, the tincture known as homeopathy “Lurcuma Longa” is obtained by filtering. Tincture is obtained in the same way in the above tea blends. 10-15 drops of this tincture 3-5 times a day for 4-6 weeks.

Spice: Turmeric root powder is often used as a spice and is the main ingredient in the very famous curry.

Side Effects: In case of taking excessive amounts, it may cause discomfort such as nausea and vomiting, so the dosage should be adjusted carefully.

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