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The miracle herb Thyme 2021

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The miracle herb Thyme 2021

The miracle herb Thyme 2021

It is known that thyme herb has been used since ancient Egyptians. There are 300 known types of thyme, of which are the medicinal thyme; T.vulgaris, Wild thyme; T.serpylum, Lilac thyme (File); T.capitatus, Black thyme (Taurus); T.spicata, Lemon thyme; T.palegioides and Mediterranean thyme; We can name Thiymianx citriodorus.

Plato thyme in Turkey (Aegean thyme), Land thyme (thyme Taurus) and wild thyme grow wild and are very common. 52 species are known to grow herbs thyme except this region in Turkey’s various features, but we do not have any information. Medicinal thyme is grown mainly in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions and is not well known in other regions.

If it is covered with pine branches in winter, it can be grown in Central and Eastern Anatolia regions. I’m about 10 years (according to Turkey in a country like Germany can be considered cold) balcony was to raise the pot and drink tea for 3-4 weeks each year. İzmir oregano sold in health food stores in Turkey; Origanum onites and Istanbul thyme; Plants known as Origanum heraceoticum are from Origanum family and have nothing to do with Thyme (Thymusgiller).


Therefore, instead of buying oregano from herbalists or stores, you can grow it yourself in balconies and gardens. Even genuine thyme has many subspecies according to the region where it is grown. We can call these subspecies chemotypes (chemical species or chemical types) and it is known that there are 6 medicinal thyme chemotypes in France and 7 in Spain. If most of the ether oil in the combination contains Thymol, then Thymol-chemotyp is referred to by that name if it contains an excess of Carvacrol, -Terpinene, p-Cymen, Geraniol or 1,8-cineol.

Combination: We can list the ingredients in the combination according to their importance as follows;

a) Ether oil derivatives can vary between 1-3.5% and the most important are 40-60% Thymol, 3-10% Carvacrol, as well as p-cymen, terpinen, canmpher, linalool, limonene, 1,8-cineol, geraniol, carvacrol. Contains ¬methyleter and thymolmethyleter. This is of course the case with thymoltyp. If carvacroltypse is carvaxrol + 40-90, if Geranioltyp is Geraniol 50-90%, if linalooltyp is linalool 50-90%, if? -Terpineoltyp? -Ter¬pineol is 50-90%. Thymol¬typ is the most sought after and held.

Known as the Spanish thyme, Thymus zygis is a type of carvacroltyp and contains very high carvacrol and very little thymol. Therefore, Spanish thyme is not very popular. (H. Schilcher). Another requirement for thyme oil is that at least 0.5% of the ether oil contains Phenol derivatives, Thymol and Carvacrol as required by the German and Swiss codex. Of course, Thymoltyp is what is sought.

b) Tannins are 9-11% and we can count mainly rosmarinacid, cinnamon acid and coffeeacid.

c) Phenolcarbonic acids; Coffee acid, cumarinacid, ferulaacid

d) Carbohydrates are 5-10% and Xyloses, glucoses, arabinoses and galactoses are the most important.

e) Flavones; Thymonin (5,6,4-trishydroxy-7,8,3-trimethoxyflavone), Thymusin, salvigenin and cirsimartin

f) Flavonites; Luteolin-7-glycoside and Apigenin-7-glycoside

Properties: Sharp, hot, slightly bitter and drying.

Mode of action: Antiseptic, antimicrobial, disinfectant, anti-cramp, sedative (calming), expectorant (expectorant), digestif (digestive), appetizer, menstrual regulator and oil irritating to the skin.


1) In Berlin, 7783 patients with acute bronchitis were divided into two groups and the first group was given Thyme and Wall Ivy extract or Thyme and Primrose root extract and the second group was given chemical drugs. At the end of this trial treatment, it was observed that those who took herbal drugs were in a better condition than those who took chemical drugs. In particular, the breathing of the patients was rested by the doctors and it was declared that the herbal medicine suffering from cough could get better results. (NH.12.97.711, Nhp.3.01.408)

2) In experiments conducted with a plant called Ajovan in Pakistan (Trachyspermum ammi or Syn: Carum copticumus) and the extract obtained from the seed of this plant, it was observed that the seed and the extract reduce blood pressure. The main ingredient in the combination of the extract is Thymol, and experiments have been carried out in plain Thymol and its blood pressure lowering properties have been proven. (ZP.3.96.174)

3) On Tuesday, 13.11.02, I started treatment with Thyme oil (Thyme ether oil) against tonsil swelling and sore throat. I gargled oregano oil with 10-15 drops per day and 1-2 drops with some tea and warm water and drank it. I have seen that thyme oil renders sore throat, swelling and inflammation of the tonsils, bloating, indigestion, mouth, throat and intestinal fungus, bacteria and viruses. It has also been proven in researches that thyme oil makes bacteria, viruses and fungi harmless. (HHB.VI)

4) Muhammed Şamil, 5 years old, was disturbed in kindergarten due to headache, abdominal pain, ear ache and cold, and we brought the child home immediately (02.12.02) give 2-3 drops of thyme oil to the trembling child.

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