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Sage soothing and regulating 2021

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Sage soothing and regulating 2021

Sage soothing and regulating 2021

Part Used: Flowers, leaves

Strengthening, appetizing, carminative, digestive regulator, blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, preventing night sweats, lowering blood sugar, relieving cramp, breathing.

Usage areas:

It is used in night sweats, mouth, throat, tonsil and dental inflammation, menopausal women, cough with phlegm, cramps.


In the form of tea; It is prepared by soaking a teaspoon of herbs in a glass of boiled water for five minutes.

As a mouthwash; It is prepared in the form of tea, gargled after warming, and repeated every two hours. With the water prepared in this way, dressing can be applied to the wounds on the skin.

Recommended Diseases: In the treatment of nervous disorders, night sweats, excessive sweating, cramps, angina, bronchitis, asthma, arteriosclerosis, paralysis, physical and mental exhaustion, decrease in breast milk, menstrual irregularities, problems during menopause, biliary tract disorders, diabetes. Sage is a plant that regulates the excretion functions of the organism very well.

Note: In flu and cold outbreaks, if you boil the sage with thyme in the room you are sitting in, it disinfects the room.

Usage and dosage: 80 g in 4 glasses of water. is put and boiled. Let it brew for 5 minutes. Drink one glass three times a day.

Side Effects: Those with high blood pressure are forbidden more than 1 glass a day. It is forbidden to pregnant women and those with liver inflammation.

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