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Pomegranate: Mehmet Öz Narrates 2021

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Pomegranate: Mehmet Öz Narrates 2021

The symbol of abundance, power, abundance and good luck, the pomegranate is a panacea …

How troublesome to eat, to sort the grains one by one. It is also a little sour … But when we start counting the benefits for health, there is neither sourness nor the bother of eating.
Thanks to the rich antioxidant ingredients contained in some fruits and vegetables, it has been proven that it is good for many diseases, is beneficial in protecting existing health and prevents sickness. Pomegranate is one of the must-have fruits that contain powerful antioxidants and radiate health.

The symbol of abundance, power, abundance and good luck in ancient societies, pomegranate is also the name of the ancient city in Spain; Granada Pomegranate, also known as the fruit of paradise, has been the subject of many legends. Preserving its place among medicinal plants, pomegranate is used especially as fruit and fruit peel, and at the same time, its root and flower are among the treatment methods applied. Therefore, it is used both orally and as an ointment.


Pomegranate is a healing fruit. It is good for almost all diseases. It strengthens the immune system and protects against many diseases. Experts recommend consuming pomegranate as pomegranate juice in winter, which immediately shows its benefits to the body in a short time.

This miraculous fruit contains very high levels of vitamin C, which is now known to everyone’s protective effect against cancer. However, it also contains high doses of B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc and magnesium.
Balancing cholesterol and sugar with some of its ingredients, pomegranate protects heart health and prevents cancer cells from developing.

One of the most important features of pomegranate is that it is the only fruit that protects the general vascular health and especially the heart. According to experts, pomegranate reduces vascular occlusions by 44 percent. We can also call it a natural remedy for those with high blood pressure because pomegranate also has a blood pressure lowering effect.

The experts add; “It has been observed that 1 glass of pomegranate juice contains antioxidant substances equivalent to 2 glasses of red wine, 10 glasses of green tea and 4 glasses of cranberry juice.”
Although it is a fruit with iron and potassium content, which are important minerals for our body, pomegranate has a strong antioxidant feature, and according to researches, there are various vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that have a strong effect against free radicals.


Recently, the popularity of pomegranate juice has increased considerably. We realized how important it is for health, especially when its effects on protecting the immune system and destroying some bacteria came to light. Ellagic acid, a substance known for its anticancer and antioxidant properties, is quite high in pomegranate juice. According to the researches, it was found that it has a protective effect on skin cancer and prostate cancer in men. The list goes on and on as if it will never end. It reduces vascular occlusions, lowers blood pressure..

It has been revealed that pomegranate juice significantly inhibits the development of cancer cells in breast and colon cancers and increases damaged cell death. It surpassed orange juice due to the amount of antioxidants it contains. Measurements revealed that the amount of antioxidants was 3 times higher than green tea, cranberry and orange juice. It has been observed that a glass of pomegranate juice added to their diet programs every day has improved the problems of people with heart and cholesterol disorders.

Experts say that the benefits of pomegranate juice, and according to the results of animal experiments, vascular plaques and occlusion regressed by 44 percent after feeding with pomegranate juice. A study on humans shows that 50 ml of pomegranate juice a day for 2 weeks reduces the enzyme that increases blood pressure by 36 percent. In this way, blood pressure was reduced by 5 percent.

Pomegranate Seeds

There are a lot of polyphenolic compounds, tannins and antisionins in pomegranate seeds. So there are substances that protect against cancer, the most powerful antioxidants. By helping to regenerate damaged cells, it fights carcinogenic cells and helps reduce the risk of cancer. It refreshes the skin and delays aging. Reduces the risk of heart attack regulates cholesterol Strengthens the immune system Removes the problems of menopausal period with estrogen supplements. It prevents the formation of cellulite


Pomegranate seed also has cosmetic value due to its antioxidant and collagen production stimulating effects. Soap and skin care products made from pomegranate seed oil are the prescription for your health and beauty. The products will tighten your skin, remove wrinkles and renew and refresh you. Pomegranate seed oil is used directly in skin care due to its rich content of vitamin E and polyphenols. Pomegranate seed oil, the secret of beauty, is offered as an urgent solution to skin battered due to air pollution, stress and fatigue. Uncared skin is repaired with pomegranate seed oil.

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