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Notification of copyright infringement

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Notification of copyright infringement

All articles on herbal-treatment.net belong to herbal-treatment.net website. These external visual materials are carefully selected from video sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo or those that are opened for use on the condition of providing a link from sharing sites such as Flickr. The product photos we use for the promotion of decoration products other than these are also taken from the relevant areas, and in the articles, we add these images, these source sites are referred and linked. Of course, suppose the legal or real person who owns every right as a natural right thinks that we violate their company’s publishing rights or person in the visual materials used by referring and linking on our site. In that case, they can contact us at info@herbal-treatment.net and request the removal of the image.

The requests we receive regarding this issue will be examined, and if the request is found on the spot, the content thought to be violated will be removed from the site.

Violation Notice Regarding Removal of Visual Material

Please follow the steps below for the “Notice of Violation” that you will send to us. Please note that if you are not entitled to the infringement notification you send, you will be held responsible for us’s costs in misdirection and notification.

For faster processing of your request, please follow the template below.

1. The full link of the document you believe to be copyrighted


2. Necessary information for herbal-treatment.net to reach you. (Preferred Email Address)

3. Attach this statement to your email. “The visual material published on the website I mentioned above violates my copyrights. I accept that this document belongs to me. I accept the legal provisions that will occur if I make a false statement and request that I be held responsible for financial obligations. ”

In order to process your request, please send an email following the template above.

Thank you for your understanding.


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