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Medicinal Herbs for Eye Inflammation 2021

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Medicinal Herbs for Eye Inflammation 2021

Medicinal Herbs for Eye Inflammation 2021

Eye burning is very painful. These burns are caused by inflammation caused by the infection of your eye without you realizing it.

Eye inflammation occurs due to the infection of the vessels coming to the conjunctiva layer in the eye. The conjunctiva layer is the outer layer in the eye. The fine veins in the eye help moisturize this layer. Occurrence of ailments such as eye redness, eye pain, eye blood and eye swelling due to the germ of the vessels is called eye inflammation. Eye inflammation occurs in individuals older than 5 years old. It is especially seen in individuals between 30 and 40 years old.

Medicinal herbs that are good for eye inflammation


Thanks to the tannins in raspberries, it prevents and removes inflammation in the eye.

rose water

Rose water, which prevents eye inflammation with its germ-cleansing effect, is also good for skin diseases.


Thanks to the tannins contained in oak, it breaks germs and eliminates inflammation.


Fennel expels toxins and germs from the body. In this way, fennel, which also prevents inflammation, prevents the occurrence of eye inflammation.

Medicinal Plants Good for Eye Inflammation


Chlorophyll in parsley removes swelling and eye inflammation under the eyes.


Chamomile, which removes red eyes and blood in the eyes, also prevents the formation of eye inflammation.


Turmeric is good for eye infections, but also prevents the eye from getting infected.

Eye grass

Eye grass is good for eye disorders. Eye grass, which prevents the eyelids from getting infected, also prevents eye inflammation.

Herbal remedy for eye inflammation

Boil 5-6 walnut leaves in 1 glass of water. After it boils, let it brew. Purify the walnut leaves from the brewed walnut leaf juice and consume it on an empty stomach twice a day in the morning and evening.
15-20 grams of celandine is added to 1 liter of water and boiled for 10-15 minutes.

After it is boiled, it is expected to cool down and every evening, before going to bed, the eye is washed with water with celandine.
20 grams of verbena is thrown into 1 liter of boiled water and boiled for 10 minutes and after cooling, the eyes are washed and the eye pus is removed.
10 cornflowers are boiled in 1 liter of water and applied as a dressing after boiling.

Additional information

With the effect of mucilage in turmeric, it softens the eyelids and prevents eye pain.
Raspberry cleans the blood and breaks germs.
Rose prevents inflammation and prevents inflammation.
Parsley breaks down germs and strengthens the immune system.
Oak prevents the body from getting infected by strengthening the immune system.
It prevents the formation of bacteria thanks to the tannins in fennel.

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