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Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin 2021

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Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin 2021

Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin 2021

Studies show that applying turmeric as a preventive and ancillary treatment in gastrointestinal system cancers may be beneficial.

Turmeric is one of the most popular spice herbs in recent years. It is the basic ingredient of curry mix, which is indispensable in Indian cuisine. In fact, curry is a spice blend and composition varies by country and region, but turmeric makes up about a third of the main ingredient. Although it is not grown in our country, turmeric is available in spice shops and we use it as a spice according to personal preferences.

Various physiological effects of turmeric are frequently used in Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda); digestive problems (carminative, fat digestion, ulcer), inflammatory complaints (arthritis, sprains), skin problems (wound healing, acne, eczema).

The uses of turmeric in traditional medicine have been confirmed by scientific studies. There is a tremendous increase in the number of scientific studies on this subject. While the number of scientific publications on turmeric was around 80 until 1990, it reached 450 in 2000, and from 2000 to today, it has exceeded 2 thousand 500.


Curcumin derivatives, the substance that gives the yellow color of turmeric and curry, is the main effective component of the roots. In other words, it attracts attention in the fight against the deadliest diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, responsible for most of the effects. Experimental studies reveal that curcumin is effective on many mediators that play a role in cancer development. So, how useful can turmeric and curcumin when applied in humans?

In three clinical studies, no tolerance problem was encountered in case of continuous application of up to 15 grams of turmeric per day for three months; so harmless. This is an important finding, because side effects that occur in long-term applications can be an important obstacle to successful treatment response.

However, an important problem is that the absorption of curcumin in humans is very low. In other words, it cannot be absorbed in the required amounts to be effective. In a clinical study, curcumin and its metabolites were not found in blood and urine by applying turmeric extract in amounts up to 2.2 grams per day for four months, but a metabolite (curcumin sulfate) was detected in the stool of a patient.

Therefore, the effective ingredient curcumin cannot be absorbed in the body, but it can be thought that it may act directly on the intestinal mucosa. As a matter of fact, when 3.6 grams per day is given in colon cancer patients, the accumulation of curcumin on colorectal tumors in the intestinal mucosa draws attention.

The most striking study is its effect on large intestine polyps. You know, from those who were recently identified by Mehmet Oz during colonoscopy. With the administration of 480 mg curcumin three times a day for six months, a 60 percent reduction in the number of polyps and a 51 percent reduction in the size of the polyp could be achieved, while one of the drugs used for this purpose, celecoxib (COX-2 inhibitor), could only reduce 31 percent.

I think it’s a very impressive result. Moreover, curcumin does not have any risk of toxic effects on the heart like celecoxib.

In conclusion, current experimental and clinical findings show that it may be beneficial to apply turmeric for both preventive purposes and as an adjunct to treatment in gastrointestinal system cancers.

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