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Guarana and chemotherapy 2021

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Guarana and chemotherapy 2021

Guarana and chemotherapy 2021

Guarana, scientific name paullinia cupana, which has been used first by Amazonian natives and later in South American societies to energize it for hundreds of years, is an increasingly known and used plant, although it is not grown in our country.
The beverage, which is prepared by simply chewing its seeds or adding to water in a dried and powdered form in local communities, is in high demand in the energy drinks sector today due to its high caffeine and theobromine content.

The chance of success is gradually increasing with early diagnosis and chemotherapy applications in breast cancer patients. However, the feeling of fatigue seen as high as 80 percent of the patients receiving treatment is shown as an important problem that negatively affects the quality of life of the patients. The results of a newly published scientific Phase II study conducted in Brazil are remarkable in this regard.

No insomnia and nervousness

Female patients who were diagnosed with various degrees of advanced breast cancer between the ages of 22-77 and decided to start chemotherapy treatment (doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide / fluorouracil) were selected.

Scientific questioning and scoring techniques were used to evaluate them before, during and at the end of the first chemotherapy application. Patients were given capsules (50 milligrams) containing standardized guarana extract (6.5 percent caffeine content) twice a day for 21 days from the beginning of the second chemotherapy sessions or a similar empty drug (placebo).

Again, a scientific inquiry was made on the first and last day (21st) of the chemotherapy application. Then, in the third chemotherapy session, guarana capsule was given to those previously given empty drugs, while the other group was given blank drugs and the results were evaluated by re-questioning.

When the results of 60 breast cancer patients who completed the study were interpreted, it was observed that the patients given guarana prevented the chemotherapy-induced fatigue and menopause complaints very significantly.

Depending on the caffeine contained in guarana seeds, you may ask whether it causes side effects such as insomnia and irritability in patients. In the evaluation, it is reported that there is no increase in such complaints compared to the empty drug group. In fact, the rate of caffeine given to patients with guarana is much less (10-20 times less) than a glass of tea or coffee. Therefore, it is thought that the beneficial effect may be due to other ingredients in the plant other than caffeine.

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