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Foods that improve memory 2021

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Foods that improve memory 2021

Foods that improve memory 2021

A study conducted in the USA showed that those who consume choline-rich foods, a water-soluble, nutritious substance, improve their memory.

The study found that people who consume choline-rich saltwater fish, eggs, liver, chicken, milk, and certain legumes, including soy and kidney beans, may get better results in memory tests.

The study conducted by a group of scientists led by Rhoda Au, principal researcher at Boston University School of Medicine, also found that those who consumed choline had a lower rate of changes in their brains due to dementia.

Au said that the findings of the studies published on the website of the scientific journal of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition are not scientific evidence of the relationship between protection from Alzheimer’s disease and choline consumption, but are new evidence that people’s lifelong eating habits can make a difference in the aging process of the brain. .

Au and his team, in their research, participated in a long-term scientific study on heart diseases between 1991-1995 and answered questions about eating habits, and in 1998-2001, along with other tests on memory and mental comprehension, people whose brains were imaged with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). scanned data about.

A screening of the results, covering 1,400 people aged 36-83, showed that men and women, who were in the top quartile of choline consumption in general, performed better on memory testing than those in the bottom quartile.

Considering factors that may have an impact on memory, such as the educational status of the participants in the study, their calorie intake, fat and vitamins such as B6 and B12, the researchers observed that the relationship between choline consumption and higher performance in memory tests was still preserved.

Stating that the performance differences in memory tests are small and do not make a significant difference in daily functions, Au said that people who consume less choline are more likely to enter the “pathway” of mental decline than those in the upper group.

The researchers also found that in brain scans of participants who were initially found to consume high levels of choline, these individuals had less of the ‘white matter hyperintensity’ areas, which indicate cerebral vascular diseases such as stroke and eventually dementia.

Noting that his research did not prove that choline alone preserves memory or prevents unhealthy changes in the brain, Au said, on the other hand, choline is likely to be successful in this with other nutrients.

Explaining that the choline substance has been observed to improve the memory of the mice in the tests performed on mice, Au said that this is not a proof and that further studies on humans are needed. Au pointed out that the findings of his research should be supported by other studies.

Choline is known to be the starting molecule of the neuronal secretion called acetylcholine, which plays an important role in the brain’s memory and other mental cognitive functions. Studies on Alzheimer’s patients indicate that there is a relationship between low acetylcholine and Alzheimer’s disease.

Experts recommend that men consume 550 milligrams per day and women consume 425 milligrams per day.

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