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Cholesterol and non-drug treatments 2021

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Cholesterol and non-drug treatments 2021

Cholesterol and non-drug treatments 2021

Non-drug treatments can also be referred to as lifestyle changes. The most important issue in the treatment of high cholesterol is drug-free treatments and should definitely be considered. And when it comes to non-drug treatment, changing eating habits comes first.

Recommendations of Nutritionist Dietitian Fatoş Özcan

“Cholesterol is now known as good and bad among the people. However, the answer to the question of what are the blood values ​​is not well known. But at the same time, weight loss and lowering sugar issues have become extremely updated.

From this point of view, first of all, it is necessary to know what Cholesterol is. Cholesterol is one of the molecules in the lipid group and is at normal levels in the blood. So it is not at 0, as is often thought. Its normal limit is 200 mg.

The relationship between obesity and cholesterol

The relationship between obesity and cholesterol is always discussed, but there is no necessarily high cholesterol in those who are fat. However, obesity and high cholesterol values ​​can go parallel to each other. Cholesterol is essential for our body, but when it is high, it is one of the most important risk factors for coronary heart disease. It has two types, LDL (malignant) and HDL (benign), which carry cholesterol in the blood. LDL clings to the artery and obstructs the drum. An LDL in blood above 130 increases the risk of heart disease, but HDL can expel these fat layers. Therefore, HDL is sought to rise.

What are the factors that lower HDL?

Androgen hormone levels
when triglycerides are elevated

When does LDL rise?

In obesity
In the oxidation of LDL (if there is a metabolism disorder in the burning of fats in metabolism)
Have diabetes
In estrogen deficiencies
Underestimation of the stress hormone
It rises due to hereditary characteristics.

What can be done to raise HDL and lower LDL?

In case of high cholesterol, drug-free nutrition is started for 6 months, exercise is given together, and stress is tried to be controlled.

A healthy diet should go with exercise. Those who go to work around 07.00-07.30 in the morning and return home at 19:00 or 23:00 may not be able to exercise. It’s not enough to do it on the weekend, but that can be a precaution.

It is necessary not to avoid using stairs, if possible do not take the elevator, if the doctor did not say that there is a problem with our feet, you should definitely climb the stairs.

It is necessary to mobilize life at home: instead of turning on the TV with a remote control, go and turn it on personally, park the car in a remote place, save yourself ten minutes of time on your way to work, walk for ten minutes, choose places a little far from the workplace to eat.

The walks should not drop below 30 minutes because the basal metabolism gains speed after 30 minutes, it can be a smooth walk every other day, but it is best to walk for 30-45 minutes every day. Besides it can be swimming.

7 percent of the daily energy intake in the diet is obtained from saturated fats and these are fats found in solid form in the kitchen environment. It is necessary to mix the olive oil or hazelnut oil with soy, corn and sunflower oils in half. Here, it is important to ensure the ratio of Omega 6-3 oils. This strengthens the immune system and protects the person against cardiovascular diseases.

There are details that need to be paid attention to when putting fat in food. For example, if a vegetable with minced meat is made, it is absolutely not necessary to add oil, it should be cooked with meat oil. 3-4 teaspoons of oil can be added to normal vegetable food A dessert spoon of oil is useful in salads.
In the group containing saturated fat, such as cheese-milk-yogurt, products that are light should be preferred.

In order for the daily cholesterol to be below 200 mg, it is necessary to set aside the foods containing cholesterol. For example, it is necessary to carefully consume products such as egg yolk, liver, kidney, red meats, chicken, turkey and fish. One hundred grams of egg yolk contains 1600 mg of cholesterol, but this rate is zero in white.

Eggs should be eaten twice a week with the yolk, but one should be more afraid of cheese, because it is eaten constantly and should be consumed carefully. In the meantime, it is important to take advantage of soluble pulp. Foods such as legumes, chickpeas, dried beans, red-green lentils are important, as are vegetables and fruits. About 25 grams of legumes should be consumed daily, while this causes an increase in HDL, it causes a decrease in LDL by 30 percent.

Salads and nuts should be eaten. You can put frozen boiled legumes in salads. Green lentil pie can be made. Chickpeas can be used both as food and in bulgur pilaf and soups.

One thin slice of bread should be eaten, it can be preferred over two or three spoons of whole wheat pasta, patatas or rice pilaf.

If the person is at his ideal weight, he can make a pastry made of whole wheat flour once or twice a week. There are whole wheat flours. It contains B vitamins, a high nutritional value flour. With cottage cheese, you can make pastry, as well as vegetable, leek, and pastry. If cheese is added, you can dilute the oil used or dilute the milk. Dangerous here are the oils in the cookies.

Walnuts or hazelnuts and almonds can be added to the breakfast by removing the olive. These cause excess weight as well as beneficial. It can be eaten every other day or if there is no weight problem, two walnuts and 6-7 hazelnuts can be eaten every morning.
Whole-wheat bread, dometes, cucumber and parsley, especially edible parsley and lettuce are very high in calcium.

What can be eaten outside the home?

Baked or grilled fish, chicken-turkey skewers,
Olive oil kidney beans, all kinds of vegetable dishes,
It is beneficial not to exceed 90-100 grams in daily meat consumption.
You can choose bulgur pilaf, brown bread, spaghetti with mushroom sauce.
Unsweetened tea is allowed
Salads are all edible except for the Russian salad
The milk dessert can be eaten.

Vegetable and lentil soups can also be drunk outside
If simit is very popular, you can eat half bagel once or twice a week by cutting the bread at other meals.
Cake should not be eaten, this is undisputed. Sponge cake dough can be made at home, and pudding can be spread on it and fruits can be added.

Fatty dough workplace should not be eaten
Pickles and brine should not be consumed.
Alcoholic drinks, ready-made fruit juices and soft drinks will not be drunk.
A glass of wine is drunk in the goose, but not only red, but also biya wine. It has antioxidant effects. Beer should not exceed 350 cc, wine 150 cc and raki consumption 50 cc.

Myths about cholesterol

The cholesterol ratios of meat, chicken and fish are misunderstood. Red meat has a cholesterol ratio of 90, chicken 75, brain 2000, and mayonnaise 110 mg.
There is 7 mg in the pulp and therefore it can be eaten with flavor.
High cholesterol in ripe cheeses. Light cheese should be preferred
Eggs cannot be eaten, cheese can be eaten wrong.

It is said that carbohydrate, protein and fat will not mix when food is taken on the plate. The body gets 60 percent of its energy from carbohydrates.

Olive oil useful butter is not harmful. For healthy people, one-third of the daily fat consumed is from food, one third from soft margarine and the remaining one from oil.
Exercise should be divided into days, not three hours a day, it should be done regularly, just like a child’s study, otherwise it will not be of much use.

Contrary to popular belief, the bread group should not be removed. Pasta should be eaten with whole wheat. If the pasta is cooked alive in less water, the pulp value increases and it is thrown out without being absorbed into the body.
Legumes are cooked incorrectly, the water is spilled, and the gas-producing substance is only in the peel. Therefore, it should be cooked in the water it has been waiting for.

Herbs that lower cholesterol

Herbal treatments are becoming increasingly common. Thyme is not harmful, but it is harmful to drink them and consume them without worrying about healthy nutrition. The effect of thyme juice on the digestive system is known.
Licorice root is an antioxidant and I recommend it. Think like a pencil and break the licorice root into small leaves. Soak two or three parts in water and boil in the evening. As it tastes dark and bitter, put it in a glass one third, fill it with normal water and season with lemon. As radiant as fresh juices. Allergic conditions are good for inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Flax seeds show the same effects.
Plenty of onion, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, purslane, Brussels sprouts and fruits eaten with shell should be consumed in meals as they contain antioxidants. Because antioxidants help to remove harmful substances from the body. It is important to take foods such as vitamin A-C-E and fish oils daily. If vitamin E is taken too much, it may cause toxic effects. It should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Fish oils can be used in addition to those with high coagulation factor.
For cholesterol: The miraculous ingredient in apple, petkin, lowers harmful LDL cholesterol, raises the good cholesterol HDL, which protects the arteries.

Heart strengthening herbs

Hawthorn: It is one of the rare plants whose effectiveness and harmlessness have been approved by the health ministry of many countries. Its positive effects on the heart, vascular system and brain begin to be seen only after 2-3 weeks of use and continue to increase. It has no side effects, does not make a habit, and there is no harm in continuous use.
It provides strengthening of the heart muscles fed with more blood and oxygen and balances high blood pressure by expanding the circulating vessels.

In addition, the brain benefits from this positive improvement in blood circulation and memory is strengthened. It should be used after myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, slow heartbeat and as a heart booster in general.
Mistletoe: It strengthens the heart muscles, can be used against arteriosclerosis, can balance high and low blood pressure, and is supposed to strengthen the immune and defense systems. It can be used successfully in heart muscle weakness after severe infectious diseases.

Rosemary: It can help the heart coronary veins to carry more blood. Herbal baths can be beneficial in circulatory disorders.
Valerian root: It can be used successfully in all heart and circulatory disorders of stress or nervous origin.
Liontail: Strengthens the heart, normalizes severe heart palpitations, especially when lying down. It can be used in heart diseases of neural origin.
Lemon balm (Melisa): It can be used in heart diseases of nervous origin.
Mint-May chamomile: By mixing in equal proportions, it can be tried against heart palpitations.

Onion: It strengthens the heart muscles.
Pearl flower: It should be used in heart irregularities of neural origin, especially in edema caused by slow heartbeat and weakness of heart muscles.
The effect of pearl flower on the heart is equivalent to the effect of foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). However, despite the dangerous toxicity of foxglove, there is no toxicity in pearl flower that can cause health problems. Also, its active ingredients do not accumulate in the organism and are excreted in a short time.

The active ingredients of the plant are composed of cardiac glycosides: Convallatoxin, Convallatoxol, Convallamarin, Convallasid and Convallatoxolosid (the origin of all these names is the Latin name of the plant Convallaria majalis). Among such diverse biochemicals, the main active ingredient that directly affects the heart does not exceed two, and the most important is Convallatoxin. For a pharmacologist, this means that the other substances are not important.

However, this determination will not be correct, because it has been determined that secondary active substances increase the dissolution ability of the main active ingredient Convallatoxin 500 (five hundred) times. Therefore, even the smallest dosages of herbal drug and tincture can be effective in treatment.

It has also been found that the positive effect of these active ingredients is longer than Convallatoxin, which acts rapidly and is excreted as oxidized in a short time. Secondary substances that do not act directly can be converted into an active compound by the organism over time. The pearl flower is a very important example of the synergistic effects of medicinal herbs (the cooperation of several tasks in achieving an outcome).

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