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Benefits of Hemorrhoids treatment 2021

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Benefits of Hemorrhoids treatment 2021

Benefits of Hemorrhoids treatment 2021

Hemorrhoids, Latin name of hemorrhoids is Ranunculus ficaria. Hemorrhoids is a plant from buttercup family. It grows widely in Southern, Northern and Western Anatolia in our country, where it is grown in the humid forests of the Mediterranean region. Hemorrhoids got its name because it is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is one of the first medicinal plants known during the disease, which has a substance in its roots that is good for hemorrhoids. At the same time, hemorrhoids is a poisonous, caustic little plant.

Another name of hemorrhoids is known as Little Swallowtail Grass, while the popular name of this plant is also known as buttercup, sarcophagus. Hemorrhoids usually grow wild in shrubs and moist grass during the spring. Small celandine is bright, dark greenish in color, heart-shaped or kidney-shaped, three-piece leaves, long stem and greasy on top. The tips of its leaves are toothed and resemble oak leaves. Its flowers are known for their bright star-shaped golden yellow flowers.

It has a very nice view that opens in the morning and closes in the evening. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with very fleshy small and thin roots. An orange yellow and dark liquid emerges from its body and stems. Between the roots there are lumps that resemble hemorrhoids. Since the shape of these tubers resembles hemorrhoids, it is named as hemorrhoids.

It is also known by the names of Hemorrhoids, Buttercup, Oil Flower and Little Celandine Grass. It contains plenty of saponins and vitamin C. As the name suggests, it usually affects hemorrhoids patients. People with hemorrhoids can relieve their pain or get rid of them completely by using herbal and natural methods, using small celandine, also known as hemorrhoids.

Benefits of Hemorrhoids: As the name suggests, it is very useful in eliminating hemorrhoids complaints. They resolve complaints arising from hemorrhoids hemorrhoids.

How to Use Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoid root is boiled and turned into porridge and then applied to hemorrhoids. However, since it is caustic and toxic, it is also used to clean wounds and cuts due to its germicidal effect. It is used externally because it is a poisonous plant. Its roots are also used in home remedies.

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