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ARE YOU READY to Take Charge of your own Health ?
Taking charge of your own health is a searching and enlightening experience. It will provoke you to think about your health from a holistic viewpoint.

This free online test written by Robert McDowell will identify and suggest reasons for:
  • Circulation, Lungs and Heart problems
  • Kidney or Bladder problems.
  • Digestive and Bowel problems,.
  • Kidney or Liver problems.
  • Sleep and Nervous System problems.
  • Immune System problems

  • It will propose simple self help remedies for all your areas of poor health
  • Identify and explain how your health could be affected by the emotions of Anger or Fear.
  • You find out exactly how much you are taking charge.

  • You may further submit your results for detailed assessment, advice and treatment.
Do the test now!

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