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Wound Conditions
This is a list of Standard Conditions. Please click on the ones you wish to read in more detail.

Antiseptic Styptic
Scar Minimising Oil
Wheatgrass Wound and Scar Healing

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For your convenience we have summarized some of the herbal treatment descriptions. Please note, these are just little previews. To read all about how the illness develops, simple tips to prevent and treat them as well as home remedies, please click on the headings.

Antiseptic Styptic
The mixture is strongly antiseptic and the effect of the treatment is; to reduce shock, to seal small blood vessels and stem the blood flow and; to allow the wound to pull itself together from the inside out thereby minimizing scarring.
Herbs: Calendula and Yarrow

Wheatgrass Wound and Scar Healing
This natural extract derived from wheat grass sprouts offers a phenomenal rate of healing when used as first aid and follow up treatment on open wounds.
Herbs: Wheatgrass Extract

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