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Do you have a Herbal Treatment to manage Blood Sugar?
The best two things you can do to help your system manage your blood sugar better are to eat oats each day. This is like the rolled oats cooked into porridge for breakfast or just a spoonful of dried oats on whatever else you are having for breakfast.

Then I make up a herbal conditioning mix, which actually works to support all the members of the body's metabolism. The Pancreas works in harmony with the support of the thyroid, liver, kidneys, adrenals, heart, bone marrow and spleen. I find the best thing to support a pancreas, which is not managing, Is to put herbs for the pancreas into a mix, which has other ingredients to support the balance of all the other member organs.

This has the potential of curing the problem completely.

The human Pancreas/ Conditioning Mix is not shown on the website at this stage but by using the online consultation found at:, I can make up a treatment plan suited to your needs.

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