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Is there a Herbal Treatment for Kidney Stones?
I have two treatment programs for kidney stones.

The first being my Calcium Stone Mix which is found on the website at;
And this one does ease the symptoms to some extent but is more to reverse the processes of stone formation and to break down steadily any existing stones into fine Gravel, which is easily passed.

The second treatment is an Acute Attack Mix; this contains antispasmodic herbs, which relax the cramping pain and others, which lubricate the passage of the stones. This mix is not shown on my standard list but is a proven formula. I don't like people taking it on its own because it does nothing to reverse the process of stone formation or to break down existing stones.

There are also some very simple things you can change in your eating and drinking habits, which make stone formation much less likely.

I look forward to helping you heal your condition.

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