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Can Depression be treated with Herbs?
Depression can be treated herbally and I do it all the time. However depression is a very personal disease and it is really the person you must treat.

There are dozens of herbs which I think about when sitting down before a depressed person in a one hour face to face consultation and at the end I hope to be down to those 5 or 6 herbs that would suit this particular individual with all his/her history, background, symptoms, physical health, personality, attitudes and bad habits taken into account.

During the consultation I find out whether the depression stems from the patients worldview, sense of self, empowerment, family ties, drug history and all the rest. Without all this I cant suggest a single herb.

If a patient wanted to get out of their depression and they wanted to go alternate, I can offer them my full online consultation service to be found on

And encourage them to fill in all the questions as detailed as possible.

If it is someone else who wants them to get better, you "can only lead the horse to water"

I hope this has been of some help.
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