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Is there a Herbal Treatment Program for Cancer Patients?
I treat very large numbers of cancer patients, both animal and human and have treatments, which can be run as stand alone ones or used in conjunction with orthodox drugs and other vitamin supplements.

To gain an understanding of my own approach it is worth reading one of the articles on my website entitled `Understanding Cancer`. This is to be found on the link;

I would also recommend immediately taking a super anti-oxidant, like my Maritime Pine Extract. This is fundamental to all my cancer programs and it is inexpensive and simple to take as it is in a concentrated liquid extract form. This can be found at:

Then I would formulate a specific Carcinoma Support Mix containing, herbs traditionally found to be supportive in uterine cancer. Some of these herbs are high in B15 and B17 but I find it best to use the original herbal hosts for these vitamins rather than the prepared individual ones. There is no harm however in the world in taking the tablets as well if you so desire. My mix however would go much further in that it will be supporting the immunity and the lymphatic and reproductive systems and hormones generally and will therefore focus healing energy specifically.

If you decide to submit your details through my Online Consultation Process, I will be able to make up a treatment carefully matched to your whole health history and maybe identify some of the factors, which lead to your developing it in the first place. The Online consultation link is found under my signature below.

Finally, if you do elect to use Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy as part of your program, I can provide specific treatments to minimise the damage to your immunity and well-being, which result from exposure to these dangerous protocols. I don't deny that these therapies can deliver a hell of a shock to the cancers and there is value in doing this. The problem arises in that with prolonged exposure, you are depleting the very immunity, which is both the underlying reason for the appearance of the cancer in the first place, and your body's tool for fighting it. This mix may be found at:

Have a look through the links and suggestions above and if you would like me to take you on and get you started on aspects of my recommendations, I will be delighted to help.
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