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Is there a Herbal Treatment for ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder?
Attention Deficit Disorder - Understanding and Treatment:

Three or four years ago I begun to treat so called ADHD and ADD in boys with a combination of Maritime Pine Extract and a herb called Phytolacca. I get great results.

It caused me some effort to make the connection in my own head as to why a super anti-oxidant Like Maritime Pine, should have any effect whatsoever in the treatment of ADD, However after I found that it did help in almost all cases, I came up with the following theory;

ADD must be just another of he 20th century illnesses which shows up as a reaction of the immune system in certain susceptible individuals to the encroachment of our environment upon us.

If you imagine a person with a perfectly healthy immune system, placed in the middle of a circle whose outer perimeter is slowly creeping in towards the middle. This inward creeping is caused by our "modifications" to the environment and includes the following; The electro magnetic and chemical pollutants in the air and water and in our food substances; the de-nurturing of our soils and seas; the medical pollutants in our bodies along with the increasing pace of life and stress and the erosion of many of our natural and family support systems.

Now, other individuals with less perfect immune systems live further out from the centre of the circle and some with even more depleted immunity are now living right at the outer edge where they are being directly affected by the encroachment.

These are the ones who are developing immune system illnesses which is just about everything from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis and includes all the new illnesses many of which are now being explained as resulting from genetic defects. I am sure this is all a fallacy. What is actually happening is that each individual so challenged will react in a different way to the assault and the ADD kids are simply reacting behaviourally.

The affect of giving them Maritime Pine is to dramatically improve the fundamentals of their immunity by scavenging free radicals. In the cases that red colouring or sugar for example, will turn some kids hyper at a birthday party by just temporally compromising their immunity, the ADD kids are being permanently affected in exactly the same way.

I have found that for male children, the treatment should also include the herb Phytolacca, which will help to moderate slightly the affects of their pre-puberty hormone swings even in kids as young as six or seven. These hormonal affects seem to be more pronounced in boys and seem to be affecting them earlier and earlier nowadays probably as a result of all the hormonal pollution in animal and poultry meat.

For girls, I don't find the same need to treat them with hormonal balancers, the straight Maritime Pine is OK on its own.

If all this is true, you should not forget the underlying message, which is that your child's immunity is severely compromised. Although the Maritime Pine will settle the immediate problem you should work toward rebuilding the whole of your child's immunity by paying much more attention to healthy habits and healthy food. Eating `junk food`, doing no exercise, sitting in front of a Cathode Ray Tube (TV or Computer Monitor), using medicines and having insufficient proper family support or inappropriate stress in their lives all contribute to depletion of your child's immunity.

ADD is just another warning sign that we are all in danger of reaping the 'rewards' of the thoughtless and uncontrolled experimentation with our environment and support systems during the 20th century.

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