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Skin Conditions Herbal Treatment
This is a list of Standard Herbal Treatments. While not all of them have descriptions of their own as yet, they can all be ordered using the Order Form.

Acne/ Blood Cleansing
Alopecia (Sudden hair loss)
Athletes Foot
Bed Sores
Comfrey Skin Healer
Eczema and Dermatitis
Fingernail Health - Circulation / Minerals Tonic
Fingernail Health - Growth Stimulating Oil
Fungal Infections (Fingernails)
Plantar Warts
Psoriasis Program
Ringworm Ointment
Jock Itch
Scalp Ringworm
Nail Fungal Ringworm
Body Ringworm
Scabies Herbal Treatment
Schambergs Disease (Progressive Pigmented Purpuric Dermatitis)
Shingles Program
Skin Recovery Spray (WheatGrass)
Skin Recovery Cream (WheatGrass)
Skin Allergy/ Irritation Acute
Skin Allergy/ Irritation Chronic
Skin Irritant Cream
Skin Magic
Skin Problems/ Blood Cleanser
Stretch Marks Prevention
Sun Sensitivity
Tropical Ulcers
Warts Treatment

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