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Blood and Circulation Related Treatment
Bowel Conditions
Brain Related Treatment
Cancer Related Treatment
Childhood Conditions
Eye Conditions
Heart Treatment
Immunity Support
Infection Treatment
Kidney/ Urinary Tract Related Treatment
Liver Related Treatment
Metabolic Conditions
Muscles Treatment
Nervous System Treatment
Pain Treatment
Reproduction System Treatment
Respiratory System Treatment
Skin Conditions
Stomach Treatment
Tendon and Bone Related Treatment
Trauma Related Treatment
Weight Loss Treatment
Worming Treatment
Wound Treatment
Specific Formulations Other

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Understanding ADHD / ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Understanding Asthma
Understanding Anaemia
Understanding Athlete's Flu
Understanding Breast Cancer
Understanding Cancer
Understanding Chronic Fatigue
Understanding Fingernail Health
Understanding Glandular Fever
Understanding Gout
Understanding Internet Addiction and your Health
Understanding Care & Feeding of the Modern Basketball Player
Understanding The place of Herbalism with Science and Healing
Understanding The Vaccination Dilemma
Understanding Osteo-arthritis
Understanding Psoric Arthritis
Maritime Pine Bark
Morning Sickness Mix
Herbal Support for Radiotherapy
Herbal Support for Chemotherapy>
Herbal Treatment of Paraplegic Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's)
The Role of Reiki Therapy in Stress Management
Colloidal Silver in the Post Antibiotic Era
Osteosarcoma Treatment: 10th May 2002
Attention Deficit Disorder: 18th May 2002
Hepatitis C Treatment with Herbs: 13th June 2002
Weight Loss With Herbs: 13th July 2002
Understanding Back Pain
Uterine Prolapse leading to Episodic Incontinence
Stroke Recovery Herbal Treatment
Herbal Teas and their Uses
Herbal Body Wrap for Weightloss treatment
Herbal Treatment to cure Chronic Sinus
Obesity and Games - You get horse-sense from Robert as well as herbs

Herbal Treatment FAQs
Ordering and Shipping FAQs
Website Usage FAQs

Herbal Treatment FAQs
Is there a Herbal Treatment for Kidney Stones?
Do you have a Herbal Treatment for `UTIs`?
Is there a Herbal Treatment for ADD?
Do you have a Herbal Treatment Program for Cancer Patients?
Can depression be treated with herbs?
Is there a Herbal Treatment for infertility in women?
Can you help me to understand Glandular Fever and how I can treat it herbally?
Is there a Herbal Treatment that can help me to manage my Blood Sugar?
Do you have a Herbal Treatment for Melanomas?
Do you have a Herbal Treatment for Gout?
Is there a herb that repairs the hymen, thus restoring virginity?

Ordering and Shipping FAQs
How long does it take for treatments to reach the USA?
I got disconnected from the Internet before I finished ordering...
I don't know if my order got through...
When do you charge my credit card?
How much does shipping cost?
Where do you ship the treatments from?
How long does it take to ship a treatment once the order has been made?
How do I get a custom herbal treatment for myself/ my animal?

Website Usage FAQs
I was doing a Self Empowerment program and got disconnected....
I couldn't see my results......
I see only blank pages......
I've lost my username or password
I can't find what I'm looking for......
Do you have a separate section for Cancer Treatments?
What is the difference between the sections 'Treatment Programs' and Herbal Products'?
Do you have a Privacy Policy?
How do I order custom made treatments?
Does Robert McDowell really spend an hour on online consultations and make the treatments himself?

Blood and Circulation Related Treatment
Abscess/ Toxin Elimination
Acne/ Blood Cleansing
Anemia General Mix
Blood Cell Imbalance (White Cells High)
Blood Cell Imbalance (White Cells Low)
Blood Cleanser - Purification
Bruising Chronic
Blood Poisoning/ Boils
Blood Pressure Support (Essential Hypertension)
Blood Pressure Support (Kidney Malfunction)
Blood Pressure Support (Portal Vein Congestion)
Circulation Mix/ Extremities
Circulation/ Blood Quality
Circulation Mix/ Heart Lungs
Edema/ Fluid Retention
Pernicious Anemia
Nighttime Muscle Cramping
Restless Legs Syndrome
Varicose Veins

Bowel Conditions
Constipation Occasional
Exotic Diarrhoea Mix
Haemorrhoids Support
Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

Brain Related Treatment
Brain Damage Support
Brain Circulation Protective Mix
Cerebral Infarction
Coma Recovery
Concussion Recovery
Intellectual Catch-up
Minor Traumatic Brain Injury (MTIB)
Memory (Cerebral Circulation Problems)
Migraine Hormonal
Migraine Liver Based
Migraine Neck Tension Type
Stroke Recovery Mix
Vitality and Brain Function Tonic

Bladder Cancer Support
Bone Cancer Support
Bowel Cancer Support
Brain Tumour Support
Breast Cancer Support
Cervical Cancer Support
Chemotherapy Herbal Support
Leukemia Herbal Support
Liver Cancer Support
Lung Cancer Support
Lymphatic Cancer Support
Melanoma Cancer Support
Ovarian Cancer Support
Pancreatic Cancer Support
Prostate Cancer Support
Radiotherapy Herbal Support
Testicular Cancer Support
Throat Cancer Support
Uterine Cancer Support
Maritime Pine Bark

Childhood Conditions
Growing Pains
Nose Bleeds
Vaccination Alternatives Homeopathic
Vaccination Side Effects

Eye Conditions
Eye Health Special
Eye Infection/ Irritation
Glaucoma Support
Psoriasis in the Eye Treatment
Object Removal Advice

Heart Treatment
Angina Pain/ Heart Support
Heart Disease Preventative Support
Heart Repair Tonic
Cardio Myopathy Support

Immunity Support
Maritime Pine Antioxidant
Wheatgrass Extract

Infection Treatment
Chicken Pox Recovery
Colloidal Silver Antibiotic
Chronic Ear Infection
Exotic Illness Protection
Golden Staph. Preventative/ Treatment Program
Malaria Preventative
Malaria Recurrent Support
Measles Protective Support
Meningitis Acute Suggestions
Meningitis Recovery Program
Mumps Acute Suggestion
Mumps Recovery Program
Urinary Tract Infection Treatment
Uterine Infection Treatment

Kidney/ Urinary Tract Related Treatment
Bladder Prolapse
Bladder Stone Mix
Calcium Stone Herbal Mix
Cystitis Recovery
Incontinence Mix
Kidney Rehabilitation Mix
Kidney Stones
Paraplegic Urinary System Support

Liver Related Treatment
Cirrhosis Support
Gall Stones (Calcium)
Gall Stones (Cholesterol)
Gall Attack Acute
Hepatitis A Support
Hepatitis C Support
Sluggish Liver.

Metabolic Conditions
Diabetes Support
Glandular Fever Support
Pancreatic Conditioning
Liver Conditioning
Thyroid Balancing

Muscles Treatment
Muscle Pain
Night Time Cramping
Overstrain Muscular Pain
Over training Muscular Soreness
Muscle Wastage
Restless Legs Syndrome

Nervous System Treatment
ADD/ ADHD/ Hyperactivity
Bells Palsy
Guillain Barre Syndrome
Epilepsy Mix
Nervous Rehabilitation Mix
Parkinson's Support

Pain Treatment
Anti-Inflammatory Healer
Arthritis and Rheumatism
Gall Attack Acute
Gout Treatment Program
Psoric Arthritis

Reproduction System Treatment
Breast Milk Support
Fertility - Female
Morning Sickness Treatment
Stretch Marks
Ovarian Cysts
Prostate Mix
Vaginal Thrush

Respiratory System Treatment
Allergic Rhinitis
Asthma Support (Emotional)
Asthma Support (Exercise Induced)
Asthma Support (Long term drug side effects)
Chest Infection Preventative
Chest Infection Chronic
Croup Recovery
Emphysema Support
Family Flu Mix
Pleurisy Infection
Pneumonia Acute
Sinus Infection Prevention
Sinus Infection Chronic
Throat Infections
Whooping Cough

Skin Conditions
Alopecia (Sudden hair loss)
Chilblains Irritant Oil
Fungal Infections (Nails)
Plantar Warts
Psoriasis Program
Ringworm Ointment/ Drops
Shingles Program
Skin Recovery Spray (WheatGrass)
Skin Recovery Cream (WheatGrass)
Skin Allergy/ Irritation Acute
Skin Allergy/ Irritation Chronic
Skin Healing Cream
Skin Irritant Cream
Skin Magic
Skin Problems/ Blood Cleanser
Sun Sensitivity
Warts Treatment Topical
Warts Treatment Internal

Stomach Treatment
Duodenal Ulcer Healing Program
Gastric Ulcer Healing Program
Hiatal Hernia
Acid Reflux Support
Stomach Cramps (Emotional)

Tendon and Bone Related Treatment
Adhesions/ Softening Program
Arterio Sclerosis
Arthritis and Rheumatism
Athletes Oil
Bone Healing/ Fractures
Carpal Tunnel Treatment
Psoric Arthritis
Sprain/ Dislocation

Trauma Related Treatment
Arnica Bruising Cream
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (4)
Pre & Post Operative Recovery Mix
Spinal Degeneration
Spinal Injury

Weight Loss Treatment
Weight Loss - Blood Toxins
Weight Loss - Circulation Factors
Weight Loss - Digestive Factors
Weight Loss - Elimination Factors
Weight Loss - Hormonal Factors (Puberty / Post-Partum / Menopause)
Weight Loss - Liver Inefficient
Weight Loss - Lymphatics Sluggish
Weight Loss - Metabolic Factors
Weight Loss - Motivation Problems
Weight Loss - Thyroid Underactive
Weight Loss - After Quitting Smoking

Worming Treatment
Hydatids Treatment
Worming Mix Acute
Worming Mix Preventative

Wound Treatment
Antiseptic Styptic
Comfrey Scar Healing Cream
Wheatgrass Wound and Scar Healing

Specific Formulations Other
Ear Infections Chronic/ Fungal
Radiation Exposure

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