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Robert McDowell
George Medal, Royal Humane Society Gold Medal, B.Sc. Honors (Mineral Technology), B.Com. (Management), N.D. (Herbal Medicine)

I was born in New Zealand and initially trained as a Mining Engineer. I worked in mining project design and financing in South America and many other parts of the world until my mid 30's when I moved to Australia from Washington DC and re-trained as a Medical Herbalist under Australia's internationally recognized herbalist Dorothy Hall.

I operate from Bathurst, a medium sized rural town in the state of New South Wales in Australia. I have nearly 20 years full time practice experience treating the whole range of health complaints suffered by the people of the town and surrounding districts. During the last 12 years I have also been involved in treating animal problems and this side of my work has grown over that time into a national and international mail order service.

Health Consultations Online:
    I now offer, for my international clients, full personal consultations online. This process involves your submitting the answers to a detailed questionaire and then giving further information on your own particular health, medical history, nervous system, and metabolic indicators.

    Your multiple choice questionaire provides an immediate breakdown of the four main areas influencing your health and details the steps you can take right now, to start your healing.

    I then spend an hour considering all this information and write it up into a full report in which I will share with you my understanding of the reasons behind your specific problems. I email this report to you (usually within 48 hrs), and show you how your health problems or areas of risk can be resolved. The report will also include detailed recommendations on diet, vitamins, herbal teas and supplements.

    Based on all this information I am then in a position to formulate a herbal mix which I will make up personally from a combination of individual herbal extracts and homeopathic remedies to start the healing process. This mixture usually comes in a 100ml bottle of concentrated herbal extracts, it will be unique to your case and it will provide for about 6 weeks of treatment.

    Payments are required for this first and a follow-up consultation and thereafter support and advice for you is free of further charges while you continue on treatment. Herbal medicines are charged at standard rates.
    Nowadays my staff and I spend a large part of each day conducting phone, fax or e-mail consultations with overseas animal owners and suggesting traditional herbal mixes.

    Our rapidly growing list of regular clients, around the world, attest to the success of this personal approach and this service is unique and unmatched, to our knowledge, anywhere.

    My particular expertise in animal treatments lies in the treatment and prevention of health problems confronting performance horses and racing greyhounds throughout their whole careers. Now we have amongst our clients a large number of well known Breeders, Owners and Trainers who regularly approach us for advice and treatment. My staff and I are now experienced in treating many other companion animals besides. Recently, requests for assistance are coming from the keepers of Zoo animals as well, including one elephant to date.

    A summary of animal treatment resources available through this website are as follows;

    For Breeders:
    • Herbal support for breeding mares and bitches through the whole of their working lives.
    • Young stock support through herbal tonics and treatments to assist in the maturity of ligaments bones digestive and nervous systems.
    • Young stock preparation for sale.

    For Owners and Trainers:
    • Prevention and recovery from Ligament and Bone Injuries through the use of herbal tonics and treatments.
    • Speedy recovery from operations, accident shock or injury using non invasive herbal and homeopathic medicines.
    • Specific treatment for Nervous system, Respiratory and Digestive system complaints.
    • Specific treatment for Viral and Bacterial illnesses and immunity support.
    • Preparation for competition, showing and for sale.

    For your Companion Animals:
    • Growth problems and aging illnesses.
    • Nervous system problems.
    • Immunity enhancement for common illnesses
    • Digestive system problems
    • Cancers. .

    Herbal Horsekeeping Book:
      My new comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Herbal Horsekeeping book, first published July 2001, is now available online for $25 and as a C.D. for $30 (including postage anywhere). A preview of the book can be found by clicking here: Preview access to Herbal Horsekeeping.

    All animal and human treatments are proven and safe when used as directed and they dramatically improve health, recovery and healing. My range of treatments are prepared from natural, safe and proven herbal ingredients of the highest quality and they contain no banned substances so can safely be used during training and competition.

    Read the articles and past newsletters available on the page below for information on specific details on many herbal programs for health and performance. If you wish to be included on our mailing lists for such future mailings or to be contacted when the books are published, please register this interest by clicking here.

    I can be contacted at [email protected].

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