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Stroke Recovery Herbal Support Program
On November 12th, 2002 Andrea from Texas wrote to me advising me that her sister Karen, who had suffered a stroke 12 months previously, was struggling with her rehabilitation program and making disappointing progress.

Her treatment consisted of medications and an intensive Physiotherapy program to restore function lost due to nerve damage and muscle atrophy.

I responded to her inquiry as follows;

"I have a couple of treatments which I prescribe as a standard response to strokes and the damage done.

The first is a circulation protective mix, which will restore the weakened blood vessels in the brain to more normal strength and reduce the chances of reoccurrence of stroke.

The second is a vitality and brain function tonic, which will assist in the brain reprogramming itself to work around missing or damaged centres and at the same time assist in the muscular and nervous system atrophy resulting from the loss of control. This will assist in the physiotherapeutic exercise recovery program.

Both these treatments may be given safely and together at a dose level of 20 drops three times daily and after a month or so I would like some detailed feedback in order to refine the mixes in line with the progress experienced.

If you wish me to make up these two formulations you will need to send back a copy of this message along with mailing address and credit card details and I will post them out immediately. Cost is $49.50 each plus postage and the 100ml bottles will last 6 or 7 weeks at this dose level.

Andrea responded December 22nd as follows.

"Hello Robert this email is to update you on my sister's, Karen's progress since taking the two herbal remedies you sent out about a month ago (circulation and brain recovery).

Karen first noticed after taking the remedies for a couple days that her thinking was clearer and she understood things better. She believes that her eyesight has improved as well, and her ability to retain memory of things is remarkably better.

Throughout the month she has made marked improvements in her physical therapy goals. She can now bend her right knee and take a small step. Her moves are slow and take a lot of effort, but she can at least make those movements now.

Whether it is coincidence or not, we truly believe that the improvements seen are the result of these herbal remedies. Simply because she has been working and trying to get these movements back since she came to live with us in June at which time she started therapy again (Karen's stroke happened last year Dec-16).

We are getting low on the tonics and would like to order another batch of both. You had mentioned that based on the feedback your received from us that these tonics may need to be adjusted. Please make whatever adjustments you feel necessary."

Needless to say I am delighted with Karen's response to her treatment and I can imagine the weight, which is lifted from her by experiencing a marked improvement after a struggle.

I have elected not to make any changes to Karen's treatment at this stage but am advising her to continue for another few months on the existing mixes and then review the situation again.

Robert McDowell

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