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Uterine Prolapse Leading To Episodic Incontinence
A typical case of prolapse is really due to the uterine ligaments losing their elasticity and allowing the womb to drop, causing pressure on the bladder. This in turn compromises the bladder sphincter, which can weaken and lead to incontinence or leaking especially when exercising or coughing for example.

From a herbal medical point of view, this leads us to try re-tension these ligaments and the bladder sphincter itself and there are a number of herbs which are specific to these areas.

I make up a herbal tonic which contains a number of these, along with some homeopathic ingredients, which given over a course of 6 to 12 months will reverse the ongoing process of prolapse and loss of tone.

Ongoing herbal support will certainly delay, and in many cases, makes surgical intervention which is really only taking a tuck in the ligaments and stitching them in place, unnecessary.

The dangers of any surgery, of adhesions occurring and causing complications, and of contracting antibiotic resistant infection in hospital make me recommend exhausting all herbal options before even considering such procedures.

The principal herbs in the mix are as follows;

Raspberry Leaf used during pregnancy and after delivery has an affinity for the uterine ligaments and prolapse is less likely to occur if this herb is given during these times. Even long afterward, there is value in giving this herb in a treatment program.

Couch Grass has specific action in re-toning the bladder sphincters and I use it in all cases of incontinence, however caused, for this purpose.

Comfrey and Equisetum used together, support the return to normal health any scarred or damaged connective tissue (as well as bones) and I include these in my prolapse formulation to assist with healing.

Saw Palmet is useful in all cases of muscle or connective tissue wastage, however caused, and I include this as well.

In any individual case I like to include other ingredients specific to their own personal health and medical history but for this I need you to submit to my online consultation procedure to be found on my website by clicking on the link;

If you wish to order the standard Prolapse Formulation based around the herbs above simply specify this in the order form;
and I will be able to send by mail a 100ml bottle of concentrated herbal extracts which, at the recommended dose rate of 20 drops three times daily, will provide for 6 to 7 weeks of treatment.

This combination of herbs may be taken as an ongoing supplement at this dose level without any side effects, interactions with any medical drugs or adverse long term consequences.

Robert McDowell

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