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 09 March 2003


On Monday, March 3, 2003, Nancy Morrison emailed Robert:

I have been having recurring sinus infections for several years and headaches to go with the infections.
I have been to several doctors over the years without much help. Antibiotics have not done much to help. Nose is stuffed up often all night long. I also have recurring nose bleeds.Nasal steriod percription sprays help but I cannot tolerate them because of nose bleeds. Any suggestions?

Robert replied:

Dear Nancy,

I make up a specific preparation which will completely resolve this long standing problem for you.

Many people start life with their sinus cavities being their most sensitive and weakest area of their immune system and they constantly react to airborne irritants or develop infections in their sinus cavities. Often it goes back as far as their being weaned onto cows milk at an early age and their system reacting to it by producing thicker than normal mucus as an attempt to get rid of all that excess calcium.

Thickened mucus in poorly drained sinus cavities is an ideal medium to grow bacterial infections and so a pattern of infection and treatment with antibiotics and/or nasal sprays begins.

Each time such an infection develops it irritates and inflames the mucosal linings within the sinuses and each time the antibiotics kill the infection some of the bugs develop an immunity to the antibiotics and all the debris of the dead ones accumulate in the mucous linings and blood vessels serving them. Inevitably the area becomes increasingly inflamed and sensitive and populated by antibiotic resistant infection all in a lovely toxic environment conducive to regular recurrence.

I know this all sounds gross but it is really an inevitable result of the medical mindset which says that if we kill the bugs we cure the patient.

My approach is to provide a herbal program which will deal with all aspects of this situation and within a couple of months you will have almost no symptoms left at all and within 4 to 6 months you will have completely healthy and normal mucosal linings and normal levels of sensitivity and you will be completely cured.

The program is simple and consists of:

1. A mixture of concentrated herbal extracts which will heal the mucosal linings and the blood vessels supporting them, build your body's immunity in that area and generally, and discourage the population of exotic infection and allow your system to clear them both through the blood and lymphatic system as well as through drainage through the nasal cavities. This mixture contains the following herbs; Buchu, Fenugreek, Echinacea, Horseradish, Garlic, Golden Seal and Comfrey.

2. Fenugreek Seeds a teaspoon of which are boiled twice daily, the steam from the seeds are inhaled through the nose and part of the resulting herbal tea formed by boiling drunk after each inhalation.

3. Colloidal Silver which is taken at a dose rate of 20ml twice daily for the first 10 days and then 10ml twice daily along with 5 drops of a herb called Thuja which is added to the silver and a course of this 6 weeks long will completely clear exotic and antibiotic resistant infection from the area.

4. Regular exposure to Rutin which is best found in either Black Currant fruit juice cordial or Buckwheat Flour and which will support the healing of those fragile blood vessel walls which are bleeding during sinus attacks. The most effective way to take the Black Currant Cordial is to add a little to an infusion of Rosehips which has been left to go cold. Rosehips is a common herb tea and a powerful immunity tonic high in both Iron and Vitamin C amongst other things. I call the combination of Rosehips and Black Currant "Rocket Fuel" for the immunity and encourage parents to prepare it for their children in place of commercial cordials, soda drinks and even fruit juice.

As you can see I am dealing with all the aspects of the Chronic Sinus situation and using this approach I can confidently predict a complete resolution of your problems. This is the difference between the Holistic approach and the Medical approach which seeks to kill the bugs (and offer steroids when all else fails) but never addresses either the underlying causes or the resultant damage.

I can provide a 6 weeks course of the Herbal Tonic (1) for US$49.50 and a $25ml bottle of Thuja Extract for $18.50 and you can source the Colloidal Silver and Fenugreek Seeds separately. Alternatively I can send 500ml of Silver to you and 1/2 Kg of Fenugreek seeds for $27.50 and $11 respectively. Postage will be at cost and is of course more expensive with the silver and seeds both of which are bulkier than the concentrated extracts.

You may specify any or all of the above on the order form below my signature and I look forward to helping you resolve your Chronic Sinus problems.

Yours truly,
Robert McDowell

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