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 Robert McDowell's Herbal Treatments
 07 February 2003


On Thursday, January 16, 2003, Cherie emailed Robert telling him of her experience using a herbal body wrap to lose weight. She asked him if he could come up with a herbal body wrap for significant weight loss. This was his reply:

Dear Cherie,

It is interesting to read of your experience and I congratulate you on your progress.

The Aloe Vera is a very important ingredient in your solution and you should continue to make this the primary ingredient and I would suggest that the herbs are first painted on and afterward they Gel is painted or smeared on over the top.

Preferably use a gel form of the Aloes. Aloes neutralises acidity and tones the skin but most important of all it seals the whole liquid wrap which in effect ensures that the other ingredients are absorbed more effectively.

The ingredients I would recommend be used in making the wrapping solution would include Chamomile, Rosemary Witch Hazel and Maritime Pine.

I can provide a concentrated alcohol extract blend of these four herbs in equal proportions and 10 mls of this concentrate can be diluted with sufficient water to allow it to be painted over your body with a paintbrush of some sort. (Doing this after a hot shower and wash is a very good idea to open up the pores.) Over this I would then recommend that Aloe Vera Gel be painted similarly and then that you be wrapped up and relax as you have been doing.

A 200ml bottle (sufficient for 20 wraps) will cost you $88.50 plus postage $12

The benefits of these herbs in particular will be as follows;

Chamomile: Is valuable for the parasympathetic nervous system and will nourish the nerve supply to the skin and support the metabolic activities involved in reabsorbing fat and stored fluids etc under the skin.

Rosemary : Is an astringent and antiseptic tonic but its main use here is to improve the peripheral circulation just under the skin to support this reabsorption and removal of stored fat and fluids.

Witch hazel: Is a powerful astringent which will help restore the tone to the skin and prevent wrinkles and folds as you lose wt and reduce any stretch marking which has occurred when you were a bigger size.

Maritime Pine: Is a super powerful antioxidant which will rejuvenate your immunity generally and protect your skin from blemishes or sun cancers or whatever.

I hope this is useful and I will be recommending other patients try this approach as well. Let me know how you get on with it. Yours truly,

Robert McDowell

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