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Nervous System Conditions
This is a list of Standard Conditions. Please click on the ones you wish to read in more detail.

ADD/ ADHD/ Hyperactivity Disorder
Adrenal and Nervous Exhaustion - "Burn Out"
Bells Palsy
Carpal Tunnel Treatment-Neuropathy
Guillain Barre Syndrome
Meniere's Disease
Myasthenia Gravis
Nervous Rehabilitation Mix
Spinal Injury
Epilepsy Mix
Facial Twitch
Focal Dystonia
Huntingtons Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease Support
Smokers Support Herbal Mix

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For your convenience we have summarized some of the herbal treatment descriptions. Please note, these are just little previews. To read all about how the illness develops, simple tips to prevent and treat them as well as home remedies, please click on the headings.

ADD/ ADHD/ Hyperactivity Disorder
A course of my ADD / ADHD mix given three times daily will assist a parent while reducing their child�s dependence on drugs and offer a real option to assist the child to "grow out" of the condition much more rapidly over 6 to 12 months.

Bells Palsy
There is no successful medical treatment for Bells Palsy which I am aware of. However, the herb Hypericum used as an oil to be rubbed along the face over the nerve as well as being included in an internal mix in extract form is very effective indeed.
Herbs: The mix I make up to support patients presenting with Bells Palsy contains herbal extracts of Hypericum, Comfrey, Equisetum and Saw Palmetto with Rescue Remedy. This is taken internally 3 times daily as prescribed. For external application I provide 25ml of Hypericum Oil to which is also added the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.

Guillain Barre Syndrome
I can address the various aspects of the disease and your recovery from it with a simple concentrated herbal extract mixture containing the ingredients as follows;
Herbs: Maritime Pine Bark,Wheat Grass,Hypericum, Mugwort,Comfrey, Saw Palmetto. To this mixture I will be adding some homeopathic remedies besides and I can confidently predict that we can speed up your recovery dramatically.

Parkinson's Disease Support
Parkinsons is a disease where the myaline sheath or the insulation around nerve fibres, begins to break down and the nerve fibres then beging to respond to all sorts of external stimulii causing uncontrollable twitching and movements.
Herbs: The mix I make up to support Parkinsons patients is made up from concentrated herbal extacts of; Hypericum, Skullcap Mugwort, Equisetum and Comfrey to which I add the Bach Flower remedys Elm, Oak, Clematis, and Vine.

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