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I first started promoting my herbal medical services over the internet in the mid 1990's which were the early days of internet services. Since then of course new formats, and web design tools, have evolved. So that we may continue to provide you, our valued clients we are switching over to a modern system which allows us to be more up to date and responsive to your needs. We can now more easily keep case studies up to date, easily add photographs and to offer a much more responsive ordering and search facility.

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                       Hair Analysis Diagnostic Program                        
When there is an impasse in the treatment of an illness hair analysis is able to give a holistic picture of the person's health. This can make all the difference.
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Take Charge of your own Health!

You were not meant to be dependent on someone else to take care of your health. Robert has written an online test to give you an instant snapshot of your overall health and show you how ready you are to take care of yourself. You also recieve simple self-help remedies.
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  Home Remedies

Good Oils For Skin

Sweet Violets


Make your own Comfrey Ointment
03 September 2005:
Canine - Gum Disease
Equine - Spraying Due To Over Excitement
Human - Menopausal Weight Loss
Home Remedies - Good Oils For Skin

20 August 2005:
Canine - Fatty Benign Tumours
Equine - Retained Afterbirth
Human - Cholesterol
Home Remedies - Sweet Violets

06 August 2005:
Canine- Kidney Infections
Equine- Scours
Human- Shingles
Home Remedies- Aromatherapy

24 June 2005:
Canine- Invertebral Disc Disease
Equine- Lymphangitis-swollen legs
Human- Preparation for birth and Baby
Home remedies- Comfrey Cream

09 June 2005:
Canine - Allergy Desensitisation
Equine - Contracted Flexor Tendons
Human - What Is a Boil?
Home Remedies - Boils

29 May 2005:
Human- Anal Fissures
Canine- Chilblains
Equine- Snake Bite
Home Remedies-Sleep Apnoea

13 May 2005:
Canine-Hip Displasia
Equine - Cribbing
Home Remedies- Flaxseed/Linseed Oil

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Understand Your Illness
This series of articles by Robert will help you understand how certain illnesses develop and how to prevent them as well as treat them naturally with herbal remedies.

Understanding ADHD / ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Understanding Asthma
Understanding Anaemia
Understanding Athlete's Flu
Understanding Back Pain
Understanding Breast Cancer
Understanding Cancer
Understanding Chronic Fatigue
Understanding Fingernail Health
Understanding Glandular Fever
Understanding Gout
Understanding Herpes
Understanding Internet Addiction and your Health
Understanding the Care & Feeding of the Modern Basketball Player
The place of Herbalism with Science and Healing
The Vaccination Dilemma
Understanding Osteo-Arthritis
Understanding Psoric Arthritis

Traditional and Common Sense Herbal Remedies

Would you like to keep yourself and your family healthier? Spend less on doctor's bills and drugs? Know how to treat yourself safely with simple traditional herbal cures?
Every week Robert sends out articles that deal with problems many of which you are facing. Take advantage of these free herbal health newsletters.
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Blood/ Circulation Related Herbal Treatments:
Abscess/ Toxin Elimination, Acne/ Blood Cleansing, Anemia General Mix, Blood Cell Imbalance (White Cells High), Blood Cell Imbalance (White Cells Low) , Blood Cleanser - Purification, Blood Poisoning/ Boils , Restless Legs Syndrome, More Blood and Circulation Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Bowel Conditions Herbal Treatment:
Diarrhea, Exotic Diarrhoea Mix, Haemorrhoids Support , More Bowel Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Brain Related Herbal Treatment
Brain Damage Support, Brain Circulation Protective Mix, Cerebral Infarction, Concussion Recovery, Intellectual Catch-up, Minor Traumatic Brain Injury (MTIB), Memory (Cerebral Circulation Problems), Migraine Hormonal, Migraine Liver Based, Migraine Neck Tension Type, Migraine Dehydration Type, Stroke Recovery Mix, Vitality and Brain Function Tonic , More Brain Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Digestive Conditions
Allergy, Coeliac Disease, Constipation , Diarrhea, Diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Disorder IBS/IBD, Gall Stones (Calcium), Gall Stones (Cholesterol), Gall Attack Acute, Gout Treatment Program, Acid Reflux Support, Pancreatitis, Duodenal Ulcer Healing Program, Hiatal Hernia, Indigestion Chronic, Stomach Cramps (Emotional) >>

Eye Conditions Herbal Treatment
Eye Health Special, Eye Infection/ Irritation , More Eye Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Heart Conditions Herbal Treatment
Angina Pain/ Heart Support, More Heart Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Immunity Support Herbal Treatment
Maritime Pine Antioxidant

Infection Herbal Treatment
Colloidal Silver Antibiotic, Chronic Ear Infection, Exotic Illness Protection, Golden Staph. Preventative/ Treatment Program, Urinary Tract Infection Treatment, More Herbal Remedies for Infections >>

Kidney and Urinary Tract Related Herbal Treatment
Calcium Stone Herbal Mix, Incontinence Mix, Paraplegic Urinary System Support, More Kidney and Urinary Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Liver Related Herbal Treatment
Gall Stones (Calcium), Gall Stones (Cholesterol), Hepatitis C Support, More Liver Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Muscle Conditions Herbal Treatment
Restless Legs Syndrome, More Muscle Problems Herbal Remedies >>

Nervous System Conditions Herbal Treatment
Guillain Barre Syndrome, More Nervous System Herbal Remedies >>

Pain Management Herbal Treatment
Anti-Inflammatory Healer, Gout Treatment Program, Psoric Arthritis , More Pain Treatment Herbal Remedies >>

Reproduction System Herbal Treatment
Birthing Support: Pre & Post Natal Support, Birthing Support: Post Natal Depression Prevention and Treatment , Birthing Support: Stretch Marks Prevention, Fertility - Female, Menopause, Morning Sickness Treatment, Prostate Mix, More Reproduction and Fertility Herbal Remedies >>

Respiratory System Herbal Treatment

Allergic Rhinitis, Emphysema Support, Family Flu Mix, Sinus Infection Prevention, Sinus Infection , More Herbal Remedies for Lung and Breathing Problems >>

Skin Conditions Herbal Treatment

Alopecia (Sudden hair loss), Fingernail Health - Circulation / Minerals Tonic, Fingernail Health - Growth Stimulating Oil, Fungal Infections (FingerNails), Skin Recovery Spray (WheatGrass), Skin Recovery Cream (WheatGrass), Skin Allergy/ Irritation Acute, Skin Allergy/ Irritation Chronic, Skin Irritant Cream, Skin Magic, Stretch Marks Prevention Treatment, Sun Sensitivity, More Herbal Remedies for Skin and Hair Problems >>

Tendon and Bone Conditions Herbal Treatment

Athletes Oil, Bone Healing/ Fractures, Psoric Arthritis, More Herbal Remedies for Tendon and Bone Problems

Trauma Related Herbal Treatment

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy , Pre & Post Operation Recovery Mix, More Herbal Remedies for Trauma and Shock >>

Weight Loss Herbal Programs

Weight Loss - Main Page , Weight Loss - Herbal Body Wrap , Weight Loss - Blood Toxins , Weight Loss - Circulation Factors, Weight Loss - Digestive Factors , Weight Loss - Elimination Factors, Weight Loss - Hormonal Factors (Puberty / Post-Partum / Menopause), Weight Loss - Liver Inefficient , Weight Loss - Lymphatics Sluggish , Weight Loss - Metabolic Factors , Weight Loss - Motivation Problems , Weight Loss - Thyroid Underactive , Weight Loss - After Quitting Smoking

Herbal Medicine for Worming >>
Herbal Medicine for Wound Treatment >>
Herbal Medicine for Other Conditions >>

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