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Weight Loss - Motivation Problems

Pack: 100 ml / 8 weeks supply
Dose: 15 drops added to liquid and taken three times daily.

There are lots of possible reasons why one cant seem to get up enough motivation to get on top of a weight problem and I am not attempting to address all of these. This formula addresses only one lack of motivation reason, which I characterize as an adrenal energy collapse.

Many people make endless numbers of different excuses about why they have to remain stuck in their dietary habits, circumstances, misery and the rest and they don't really need herbs, they need to start to take responsibility for the own lives and happiness.

There are those however who have been beaten down time and again by loads or circumstances and who end up with a big case of the "cant get motivated" which reflects a complete physical depletion of their adrenal reserves.

Often these people have used crutches to keep trying to keep on top of all their responsibilities long after their bodies had signaled that they were running on empty. They kept going with caffeine, cola drinks, sugar or just on sheer willpower and a sense of responsibility, until they run into a wall.

If overweight is an issue for such a person, as it often is if they are trying to keep going on sugar energy and food treats as a self nourishment strategy, the adrenal exhaustion becomes the primary problem to turning things around.

In these circumstances, three herbs alone Parsley, Liquorice and Rosehips will often provide the key to beginning to rebuild resources. I include the Bach Flower remedies Elm, Olive, Wild Rose and Wild Oat to support the herbs and I recommend that 15 drops of this mixture be taken in a full glass of cold Rosehips tea three times daily. You will find that your motivation and energy returns quite quickly.

The problem for you is to use this newfound energy not just to pick up all the loads and keep on going until you collapse again, but rather re-invest part of the energy in yourself so that you can get it back with interest.

If one of your projects is to get on top of the weight problem and to change your pattern of over responsibility or whatever, this mix may well be the thing, which gets you past the lack of motivation barrier.

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