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Weight Loss - Metabolic Imbalance

Pack: 100 ml / 8 weeks supply
Dose: 15 drops added to liquid and taken three times daily.

As an holistic healer I see every day the results of system imbalances and it could be said that most long-term health issues are a reflection of balance rather than anything else. The metabolic imbalance I am addressing in this approach to weight control is a systemic one which could creep into your health picture over many years or result from a major shock, stress, illness, operation, poisoning or whatever.

The patients who sit in front of me and say I have had problems with my weight ever since such-and-such, and they can name a circumstance, date or event in their lives, which defines the beginning of their weight problems are candidates for this re-conditioning mix.

The three episodes of hormonal rearrangement, which shows up in a womens life, can be such circumstances and they are addressed in specific mixes already listed above.

This one is for the rest of those patients whose systems were thrown out of balance by some other sort of event or circumstance and never found its way back.

We are used to thinking that different bits of our bodies break down in isolation rather like in the case of our cars but this is never the case. If the kidneys are struggling, the liver helps to relieve the load and vice versa. If we damage our spleen in a car crash the liver takes over the job of the spleen. The thyroid is involved in setting the speed and harmony of the whole metabolism and the pituitary and pineal send instructions to the thyroid constantly.

If I suspect that a major imbalance is the problem I don't have to know in great detail what specific areas of balance are involved because I can make a general and safe tonic, which basically nourishes and re-tunes all the member parts of the metabolism.

Herbs are supportive of balance and health rather than forcing something to work in this or that way. If given when they are not required they don't do anything. However, they do differ from drugs in another important way. Blue Flag for example given to someone whose thyroid is either under active or over active will serve to help restore normal functioning whichever is the case. That is to say the same herb will help to bring it up to speed or to slow it down if it running too fast. Almost all systemic herbs operate the same way.

Therefore in my weight loss re-conditioning mix I use the following ingredients; Blue Flag (thyroid), Chamomile (parasympathetic nervous system and digestion), Echinacea (blood cleanser and white blood cell tonic), Fennel (pancreas), Garlic (blood cleanser, gut flora balance and antibiotic), Ginseng (pituitary), Kelp (trace elements and thyroid), Nettle (circulatory), Oats (constitutional fortitude), Parsley (central nervous system), Pine Bark (antioxidant and immune system), Red Clover (blood cleanser and red blood cells), Rosehips (kidneys and adrenals), St Mary's Thistle (liver), Violet Leaves (lymphatic support), Yarrow (bone marrow and blood tonic). The Bach Flowers I use in this mix are Olive, Rescue Remedy, Scleranthus and Walnut, which support a return to normal balance and energy levels of the whole metabolism.

20 drops of this mix taken in water three times daily will tell you immediately if your metabolism needed a tune up. You will feel better within yourself and more energetic if this is the case. If such an imbalance is the primary cause of your weight control problems you will find quite quickly that the improved metabolic harmony quite quickly makes your current weight management strategies more effective, whatever they are.

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Please Note;
This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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