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Weight Loss - Lymphatic Sluggishness

Pack: 100 ml / 8 weeks supply
Dose: 15 drops added to liquid and taken three times daily.

The lymphatic system is a system of equal complexity to the circulatory system. Its task in the body is to gather fluids and fluid wastes from the cells and tissues of the body and deliver them to the bloodstream for processing. Also many of the battles being fought by the immunity take place in the lymphatic vessels and nodes.

Unlike the circulation system, the lymph has no pump and neither does it have muscular walled vessels so it relies on the contraction and movement of surrounding muscles, on gravity, and on a system of valves to transport its cargo through the body.

In some people the lymphatic system is kept clear and moving through the most minor exercise, no more than just moving about their daily lives is enough. Others need to work hard at exercise and diet all their lives to avoid fluid buildup in the lymphatic system, fat cells and surrounding tissues and the weight, which typically accumulates in the hips and thighs of those with sluggish lymph. These unlucky people can put on weight even while on a diet and a moderate exercise program.

Herbs cannot treat lymphatic sluggishness alone although they do help. The most successful programs combine diet, fluids, herbs, appropriate exercise and massage.

The herbal mix which I prescribe in support of these programs include; Blue Flag, Chamomile, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Ginseng, Kelp, Parsley, Pine Bark, Violet Leaves as well as the Bach Flower remedies Pine, Gorse, Sweet Chestnut, Wild Rose and Willow.

15 drops three times per day taken in a full glass of water, an exercise program including swimming and aerobics, and regular lymphatic drainage massage will make an immediate difference but will need to be maintained with vigilance.

The best thing you can do for your children is to keep them lean and highly active for the first 7 - 10yrs of their life. A lean active child has far fewer fat cells to carry around for the rest of their life and therefore much less trouble fighting a tendency toward lymphatic sluggishness.

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Please Note;
This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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