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Weight Loss - Blood Toxins

Pack: 100 ml / 8 weeks supply
Dose: 15 drops added to liquid and taken three times daily.

For some people, weight control is difficult because they have constitutions, which tend not to eliminate toxins readily from the blood. This is usually an inherited constitutional problem, and not something they are personally responsible for.

We all produce toxins as a by product of our cells feeding and our metabolism generally. We all produce more toxins when exposed to poor nutrition, toxic environments and bad habits.

There comes a point when the body is so preoccupied with trying to keep ahead of the housekeeping, that the metabolism becomes sluggish and weight accumulates.

This formula contains: Buchu, Dandelion, Echinacea, Equisetum, Nettle, Mistletoe, Red Clover, Violet Leaves and Bach Flower remedies Beech, Crab Apple, Vine, Wild Oat and Walnut.

15 drops three times per day taken in a cup of cold Rosehips tea and coupled with regular exercise, sensible eating and less exposure to chemicals and environmental toxins will make an immediate and noticeable difference to the ease with which you are able to control your weight.

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Please Note;
This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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