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Vitiligo Herbal Treatment        

100 ml Apply twice daily: $58

Vitiligo is a condition in which a loss of melancytes results in whitish patches of skin .

It can be seen prominently on the upper surface of the hands, and may only include a couple of patches or it may cover large parts of the body.

The areas affected also includes a loss of pigment in the hairs growing on that effected skin.

Vitiligo may result following an unusual physical trauma particularly to the head, it may also occur in conjunction with other diseases such as Addisons dis., diabetes, pernicious anaemia and thyroid diseases.

Due to its disfiguring outcome it can have severe psychological effects.

Interestingly it is seen mostly as a southern hemisphere problem it is thought that the exposure to ultra violet effects the melanin layer of the skin.

It is important to keep the sun off the effected areas. as the unpigmented skin areas are very prone to sunburn.

One option is the following that I have heard good results about, I don't know where you live but in Sydney Town Hall/Queen Vic. Building there is a shop that is called Perfect Potions that has a mix of hypericum oil and coconut oil which requires to be rubbed on.

Alternatively we make a mix for external application that includes Comfrey, Hypericum, Celandine, Thuja, Calendula and Maritime Pine Bark along with the Bach Flowers Crab Apple, Clematis, Cherry Plum and Chestnut Bud.

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This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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