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Varicose Veins Herbal Treatment         

100ml Blend
Dosage 20drops three times daily
Cost $58

Varicose veins are enlarged superficial veins in the legs resulting from weakness in the walls of the veins . They lose their elasticity, elongate and begin to bulge. The valves in the veins start to fail in their job and the blood can then flow in the wrong direction.

Symptoms include itchiness and even a rash over the ankles and in some cases they can be complicated by dermatitis or phlebitis.

Blood flow is better regulated if you walk (or better still swim) regularly. If your normal blood pressure is high it helps also at night to lie on a slant board or slightly raise the foot of the bed with bricks to take the pressure off the veins during the night. In severe cases of Varicosity and discomfort at night, you may lightly bandage your legs with cloth and soak a witch hazel herbal wash into the affected areas. I can supply the concentrated Witch Hazel extract if you wish to make up your own diluted wash.

The bioflavanoid Rutin is very helpful to rebabilitate damaged vein walls. Household sources of this vitamin are Fresh Lemon Juice, Black Currants and Buckwheat Flour.

My internal herbal support mix to treat varicose veins is a combination of the herbs; Horsechestnut, Rue, Nettle, Yarrow and Rosehips, the Bach flowers included are Impatients, Larch, Sweet Chestnut and Chicory.

Emotionally the person most disposed to varicose veins is one who is stuck in a situation (work or relationship) in which you feel overburdened. Are there changes you need to make to support your own wellbeing.

Once the veins are already stretched and bulging it may be too late to return them to an original condition however further deterioration can be prevented using the internal and external treatments above.

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Please Note;
This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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