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Blood Cleanser - Unhealthy Skin Herbal Treatment        

100ml Blend 20- drops three times per day taken in conjunction with herbal teas.

It is well known by the medical profession that many skin problems have their origin in the internal systems of the body. Most over-the-counter formulations or prescription treatments however, given to patients with skin problems, are external preparations, which is to say they attempt to treat the skin from the outside.

As a naturopath, I find myself going further by saying that all skin problems apart from cuts, abrasions and strong chemical or heat burns, come from within.

Even for example a person who suffers from fungal infections on the skin or suffers badly from insect bites, is predisposed to over sensitivity and poor defences against such attack, by what is going on inside of them. This is usually more specifically what is going on in their blood or in their lymphatic system.

This brings me to the discussion of a class of herbs called alterative or blood cleansers.

Our bodies, if faced with toxins in the blood which cannot be eliminated for whatever reason, tends to park them out of the way (rather like the dust being swept under the rug) so as not to let the toxins damage important organs as they travel around and around in the blood.

The body normally either wraps toxins up into little sacs or stores them somewhere close to the surface or deposits the toxins in small glands close under the skin for reabsorption or elimination later.

The small sacks become pimples, pustules, boils and abscesses and the toxins in small glands may be eliminated through sweat or pimples or they may irritate the skin producing itching and scratching behaviour in an attempt to release the offending material. It is the presence of certain toxins under the skin, as well as other blood quality differences, which either attracts or repels biting insects.

In all these cases appropriate herbal alteratives will encourage the reabsorption of such toxins eliminated effectively through the kidneys, lymphatics or liver or discharged more actively through the skin.

Blood cleansing herbs range from gentle to strong and there is a great deal of choice amongst them. They all work through a combination of actions insofar as some support the liver, others the kidneys and others the lymphatic system.

For a generalised and safe but active blood cleanser ideal for clearing waste products accumulating below the skin and thereby improving skin health I combine the following herbs: Garlic, Echinacea, Dandelion, Equisetum, Buchu, Rue, Nettle, Red Clover and Violet Leaves.

20 drops three times daily of this mix taken with Rosehips Tea will quickly mobilise toxins and start on their elimination. There is the possibility of an apparent worsening of pimples or such in the first week or so, but this should quickly give way to a clearer and healthier skin.

After a month or more on this mix, and if you have made good progress so far with your skin condition, and are a generally healthy person wishing to further purify their blood, this treatment is an excellent one to use in conjunction with fasting.

The fast should be of short duration say 3 or four days maximum and should be conducted while drinking Rosehips and Dandelion Tea to further support elimination through the Kidneys and Liver.

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Please Note;
This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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