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Thyroid Regulator - Herbal Treatment        

100ml Blend. Dose 20 drops three times daily in water.

We all know that our thyroid can cause two different types of problems by being either overactive or under active.

The over active thyroid type has a high metabolic rate, never seem to put on weight, they may be easily agitated, highly dramatic, move a lot and like to be the centre of attention. In comparison the under-active thyroid type of person is normally overweight and even when eating very small meals tends to put on more weight. They all find weight extremely difficult to shed even if they dry very hard through diet and exercise. If one observes them closely they are very still, quite the opposite of fidgeting. If they are sitting, they sit very still and when they move, they do so very economically. Their minds are also often slow and deliberate in their thinking processes and not jumping all over the place like the overactive type. These people burn very little physical and nervous system energy and this explains their difficulty in losing weight. Their whole metabolism works slowly.

This all suggests that the thyroid is somehow involved in regulating the speed of the entire metabolism and this is in fact the case. The thyroid which consists of small glands on each side of the throat receive instructions from the Pituitary Gland above and feedback from all the glands comprising the metabolism. The signals it sends back to the metabolism serves to regulate the speed of all these systems.

The physical reasons behind thyroid imbalance is most often in a lack of trace elements and this condition is much less common amongst cultures who habitually eat a lot of products from the sea like shellfish and seaweed of all sorts.

In seaweeds particularly, are found all the trace elements necessary for life and for correct thyroid function, whereas some soils and therefore produce from these soils, can be lacking in essential trace elements.

A second physical reason for imbalance can be a traumatic experience, a chemical or hormonal shock or exposure to radiation, which can throw this finely tuned organ out of balance. A change in thyroid speed is common around puberty or menopause for example.

There is an emotional pattern also which seems to predispose the thyroid to imbalance and this can contribute to both over and under activity.

The person is one who is always questioning their own actions and seems to find it hard to make a decision and to be comfortable with a decision they do end up making. They are always asking, "is this right?" or "am I doing the right thing?" It is this difficulty in establishing the truth of the matter, which destabilises the thyroid. In energetic terms it is a throat Chakra problem.

The herbs I include in my Thyroid Regulator mix are: Oats, Dandelion, Bladderack, Nettle, Blue Flag and Ginseng. To this mix I add the Bach Flower Remedies; for an overactive thyroid include Scleranthus, Impatiens,Cerato, Chestnut Bud and Pine, for an underactive Thryroid I add the Bach Flowers Wild Rose, Olive, Sweet Chestnut and Sclernathus.

20 drops three times daily of this mix taken with Chamomile Tea will quickly give the required support to the thyroid, and its partnered organs, and help it to behave in a more balanced way.

Doing some work on the Throat Chakra, which underpins the energy of the Thyroid, will also be helpful. I always advise those overactive thyroid patients being offered radiation treatment to kill a part of their thyroid to exhaust all other alternatives before accepting such a destructive and thoughtless solution to their problems.

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Please Note;
This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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