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Sun Sensitivity Cream         

500 ml Tub. Apply sparingly twice daily: $52.50

I am certain that Sun Block type creams will turn out not to have been such a good idea despite the government and business hype supporting these products over the past 6 or 8 years.

Have you noticed that reports are beginning to appear nowadays that question the value of sun blocks? It won't be long before we get scientific proof of their dangers and they disappear altogether from the market.

I would never use them under any circumstance and have avoided exposing my children to them since the beginning. Instead, I apply this preparation containing Comfrey, Hypericum Oil, Chamomile, Thuja, Calendula and Maritime Pine bark extracts with the Bach Flowers Walnut and Rescue Remedy in an aqueous cream before and after exposure to strong sunlight.

This combination of herbs works toward supporting the repair of sun damaged skin cells and the nerves which supply them as well as protecting against fungal or other infections which can take hold in any area of damage. Finally and most importantly, the Maritime Pine antioxidant is working directly on the fundamentals of the immunity to support this system in its task of dealing with any cancers which can result from sun damaged cells.

Mild antioxidants like Vitamin E have been in skin creams for many years but I have pioneered the use of the super antioxidants (Maritime Pine, in my opinion, being the most powerful of them all) in external creams with great success.

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Herbs for People: How Herbs can heal you, Our Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

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