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Radiotherapy Support Mix         

100 ml Blend. Dose 20 drops 3 times daily in water: $58
(At the recommended dose, this Blend will provide 6 weeks of continuous treatment)

Very many cancer patients come to me seeking input into their decision whether to enter into or continue with a program of radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment.

In orthodox medical terms it is not a question whether or not to use Chemo or Radio Therapy it is simply a discussion on which or what combination of these to use. Orthodox medicine simply does not have any other options.

Cancer patients are often under a great deal of pressure to make decisions about this sort of thing both from their doctors and from their family at a time when they are shocked and frightened over a diagnosis and probably feeling unwell in addition. I always sympathise with them in this predicament as they are on possibly the steepest learning curve of their life and besides all the pressure, fear and uncertainty they are most likely working very hard to help their loved ones cope with the shock of the diagnosis as well.

Nowadays with earlier and earlier daignosis there is rarely a huge rush to make binding decisions about therapy and I advise every patient to take some time before committing to anything at all. Most people coming to me for advice are either recommended by friends or find me during their own personal research over the internet and I always respect their predicament and try to provide advice individually suited to the patient and their own particular health history and circumstances as well as to their particular cancer.

My first advice, whatever the cancer or the circumstances, is to immediately start on a course of a powerful antioxidant and there is no possible reason for not doing so. A colapse of aspects of the immunity is the fundamental cause of all cancers and it is important to reverse this as soon as possible to offer the best chance of healing.

The place for radiotherapy is to directly attack the rapidly growing cancer cells using beams of radiation. Radiation as we know damages tissue and the hope of radiotherapy is that it will damage fast growing cancer cells more quickly than normal cells.

There are very experimental fads, in my view, on the various sorts of programs which oncologists come up and thesed range from full body long term low dose exposure to short and narrow intense bursts.

Nowadays patients are offerred a particular program which seems to vary with the experience of each oncologist and is often backed up by so called scientific data which might say something like "we expect with this protocol to see 65% of patients to manage a 12 month remission" with such and such a program. See my detailed article on the subject.

The idea that every single person along with their individual immune system, health history, vitality, will power and spirit can be reducecd to such a survival percentage is ludicrous and insulting. These statistics are based on the standard scientific adage that "If you cant measure it it may be discounted".

I see in my practice patients who continue to work on their farms and look after their families with pancreatic cances and lymphoma for example 3 and 4 years whose initial statistical prognosis would have predicted 6 months and 12 months respectively.

These folk keep going because they want to leave their affairs in order or look after a loved one or just simply because they love their life or their wife and dont want to leave just yet. None of the factors which keep these people in healthy and vital remission is subject to measurement and their stop start, experimental hodge podge of chemo and radio theraputic treatments during these years have little to do with the outcomes.

As I say in the article above, there are some cancers which are ideally suited to Radio therapy given in a careful finite program. However, simply giving more either because it seems to be the last resort as someone is failing, or because the patient tolerated the last round so well, or to try to achieve a quoted statistical survival rate, is very poor service indeed unless all other factors involved in an individuals reason for developing cancer are addressed and supported holisticallyl.

The general herbal Support formulation which I make up to assist the body to deal the tissue damage and side effecfs of Radiotherapy is described in detail in the article above and the herbs I have found to be most helpful are; St Mary's Thistle, Kelp, Yarrow, Thuja, Comfrey, Fennel and Sage. I also include the Bach Flowers; Oklive, Scleranthus, Gorse and Wild Oat.

You will appreciate the reason for the choice of these ingredients and how they compliment one another once you have a chance to read the article above. You should also appreciate why these herbs cannot possibly do any damage to your health or be detrimental to the effectiveness of the radiotherapy itself which is suggested by a few oncologists nowadays who feel that anything which makes you healthier might somehow work against the treatment. The fact is that the radiation destroys perfectly healthty cells and the herbs assist your body to recover from this damage.

I prepare additional mixes for all my patients depending on the type of radiation and their response to it. For example radiation destroys bone marrow very effectively, sometimes to the extent that patients are then subjected to very painfull bone marrow transplants. The herbs Comfrey and Yarrow are extermely valuable to support bone marrow health and recovery and this is why I have them in my standard mix.

However there are very many other very valuable herbs supporting all other aspects of the blood cycle including those which protect against stroke and which rebalance the White Cell and the Red Cell balance.

In each individual case I provide my patients with ongoing support for all these sorts of areas as we go along.

Most Oncologists nowadays are supportive of a joint (orthodox/ herbal) approach to treating cancer as they know that current Radio Therapy protocols are crude at best.

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This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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