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Mumps Recovery Herbal Program        

100 ml Blend (Eight Weeks Supply), Dose 12 drops three times daily $58

Mumps is a viral infection usually involving the parotid gland just in front of the ear with swelling, lethargy and headache being typical symptoms.

It used to be one of those illnesses which one hoped your children caught during the school holidays. I remember parents in the 1950's taking their young children around to a friend�s house who had infected children, just so they could catch the measles and then be over it during the holidays, and immune for life thereafter.

There were some complications the most serious of which was if a female had not had it and then contracted it in the first three months of pregnancy when she would have up to a 25% probability of aborting her pregnancy.

Lesser complications include a low grade Meningitis, Testicular Swelling in pre-pubescent males, which could, if not managed properly, cause sterility, and Pancreatitis, which should be suspected if there is abdominal pain.

Once again, I recommend to my patients that it is probably best to either provide their children with a homeopathic oral vaccine or better yet just to allow their child to develop the illness and then manage the symptoms with rest and fluid. In these cases I provide a simple herbal support treatment to protect them against the various possible complications while at the same time boosting their immunity generally.

For this purpose I provide a mixture consisting of concentrated extracts of the herbs Rosehips, Fenugreek, Maritime Pine Bark, White Willow and Blue Flag with the Bach Flowers Walnut, Olive and Scleranthus. This is taken at a dose rate of 15 drops three times daily in water and continued for 6 to 8 weeks in total.

This extract will protect the child against the various complications and should also assist the child�s immunity to throw off the virus and get over the attack quickly and easily.

It is important that females be exposed to Mumps at least once during childhood, so that they can develop their immunity.

Only if they do not catch it would I recommend that they be given a vaccination after puberty to protect them against the possible complications during a pregnancy if they were to catch the virus then.

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