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Huntingtons Disease Herbal Treatment         
Huntington' s Disease or Huntingtons Chorea is a disease which is carried in the genes and it affects the nervous system in those where it manifests later in mid life.

Onset is difficult to pinpoint as symptoms begin very subtly, however Huntington's doesn�t need ever to manifest and I always prescribe powerful immune and nervous system tonics to maintain health in these areas at an optimum level.

Symptoms begin with occasional jerks and spasms, gradual loss of brain cells, progressing to chorea, athetosis and mental degradation. The mental changes are gradual at first with increased excitability or irritability, losing interest in activities and becoming more irresponsible and impulsive. Over the years or even decades memory is lost and rational thought becomes difficult. Severe depression and accidents are common.

The herbs needed most of all for Huntington's are: Maritime Pine Bark Antioxidant, Mugwort, Hypericum, Sage and Nettle I add to this the Bach flowers Mimulus, Honeysuckle, Walnut and Wild Oat.

After a month or so I would like some detailed feedback in order to refine the mixes in line with the progress experienced and at this stage it would be wise to submit your full medical history through my Online Consultation Service. The link to this service is:

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