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Herpes Herbal Treatment        

100ml for $58.00
Dosage:- 20 drops three times per day

Herpes Simplex Virus Type I is the cold sore blister type that develops near the mouth or nose, emerging after a stinging type itchy feel. It may be that while our immunity fights off a cold the herpes comes out in areas where there is a high concentration of nervous tissue.

It is estimated to be present in more than 50 percent of the American adult population .
Herpes infections have different patterns in different people. Any one or combination of the following factors might sometimes, not always, induce an outbreak: surgery, illness, stress, fatigue, skin irritation (such as sunburn), diet, menstruation, or vigorous sexual intercourse. A recurrence of the herpes infection may occur when latent viruses are triggered by immunosuppressive events such as emotional stress, sunlight, menses, cold or fevers, certain foods, beverages, vitamins and medications.

More information can be seen by reading the article below:

My herbal mix includes Maritime Pine Bark, Comfrey, Hypericum, Blue Flag, Cleavers, Valerian, Scullcap, Rosehip and Liquorice as well as the Bach Flowers Mimulus, Chestnut Bud, Crab Apple, Vervain and Wild Rose.

Externally the Skin Irritant cream can assist this condition as it contains herbs traditionally used to heal:

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