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Hemorrhage - Emergency Treatment for Blood Loss         

Dosage :- 10 drops every 15 minutes while bleeding acutely .This is a short term mix only and should not be continued beyond 2 weeks. Contact us again to provide a follow up herbal mix to treat the underlying causes.

100mls or $58.

Internal or external loss of blood can create serious anaemia, dehydration, heart failure and indeed be fatal. Blood loss can occur from cancers, fistulas, haemorrhoids, parasitic infections, perforated and bleeding ulcers, bleeding fibroids and endometriosis, excessive menstrual flow, accidents and ruptured internal organs.

Symptoms with blood loss include weakness, lethargy, irritability, low blood pressure, shock and very pale or grey skin.

The herbs in this mix include Bistort, Yarrow, Nettle, Rue, Red Clover, Parsley and Alchemilla as well as the Bach Flowers Vine, Wild Rose, Olive, Oak and Rescue Remedy.

This group of strongly astringent herbs work together to seal the leaks , tone the tissues and accurately close wounds while reestablishing circulation, renewing energy, raising haemoglobin levels and blood pressure.

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