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Heart Tonic

100 ml Blend, Dose 10 drops three times daily $58

Heart murmurs are often nothing more than a defect in a valve which has been there since birth and has been noted by your Doctor during regular checkups. Mostly, they just show a leaky valve and the heart usually compensates by growing a little larger and stronger, to compensate for the leakage.

The recent appearance of an irregularity in beat or a heart murmur however, can signify that the heart has been put under strain from some illness, or that the nerve signals have become deficient, or the heart muscle itself is deteriorating, especially in an older person.

Angina, which is pain and breathlessness with exertion, is the most common symptom of age related deterioration (and also of course of coronary artery blockage).

I have a very safe and reliable herbal treatment which works directly to tune up an under functioning heart and I have used it successfully with my human patients for 20 years. Mostly these patients report an immediate improvement in angina pain and their ability to exercise.

The mixture consists of the extract of a particular Cactus in combination with an extract of fresh Hawthorn leaves. Together, these two herbs work to regularize and strengthen the electric signals to the heart (the beat) and to nourish and strengthen the heart muscle itself.

All heart conditions should be checked by your doctor but you can safely use this tonic to improve the general health, comfort and energy levels of a heart which, for whatever reason, is not functioning perfectly. It is also perfectly safe to use over the long term.

If you have a specific pathological condition of heart and have had expert diagnosis, I can make up supportive treatments to prepare you for surgery and to support recovery and healing but you would need to consult me in detail for me to make up an individual treatment.

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