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Heart Attack - First Aid Herbal Treatment         

100 ml Blend, Dose 10 drops at the first sign of any heart episode repeated frequently over the next few hours and then 20 drops three times daily over the long term. $58

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, the lungs and two sets of vessels that run to all parts of your body, the arteries and the veins.

1. The arteries carry fresh oxygenated blood from the heart to feed all the cells of the body.

2. The veins pick up all the depleted blood which has exchanged its oxygen for the waste products of cell metabolism back through organs like the Kidneys, Liver and Spleen to clear out these waste products and return the purified blood to the heart.

Our lungs take up oxygen from the air we breathe into our red blood cells and this oxygen provides energy and life to every cell in our body. If we are not delivering enough oxygen to our cells we cannot oxidise impurities and maintain cell health and vitality and we suffer from a lack of energy and a build up of toxins in our system.

Oxygenation in turn depends on breathing deeply and efficiently, on the health of our blood vessels and cardio vascular system generally. It also depends on the quality of our red blood cells that in turn depends on the health of our bone marrow and spleen.

The heart is the organ that drives the arterial blood around the body and this unique organ never takes a rest. It beats regularly and strongly every day of our lives and its idea of a holiday is the break, of a fraction of a second, which it takes between each beat.

Contrary to popular and medical opinion, the primary reasons for heart problems developing throughout ones life are rooted in the emotions and not in weaknesses or defects in the physical systems as such.

A typical heart patient has developed an habitual response to stress which involves tensing up the musculature region generally in the upper mid back and chest. This same sort of habitual muscular tension is also involved in hiatal hernia, back pain, stomach ulcers and asthma for example.

This tension affects the heart's ability to rest between beats because it cannot gain the full relaxation it needs to rest and to repair and maintain itself. Half a lifetime of such tension is sufficient, on its own, to create heart disease.

A heart attack is really a muscular spasm in the heart muscle itself, much like a cramp in the calf muscle, which is due to a combination of insufficient oxygen being supplied to the heart muscle and a sudden increase in the muscular tension in surrounding tissue as above. This spasm produces a huge shock to the nervous system as well as the body knows how critical it is to restore normal heart function as soon as possible.

The mixture I prepare for those who suffer a heart attack and which I encourage them to carry with them at all times, is made up of concentrate herbal extracts of Hawthorne, Cactus and Rosehips with the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. These three herbs treat the Heart Muscle, the Electrical Signals that stimulate the normal beat and the Shock Response respectively.

Taking this mixture frequently during and immediately after a heart attack will greatly reduce the physical damage done to the heart and facilitate a fuller and faster recovery.

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