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Colloidal Silver Antibiotic         

500ml Blend Dose 10ml 2 - 3 times daily: $27.50
(Note: The cap from the Blend holds approx 5ml)

Colloidal Silver was used and proven to be effective against hundreds of disease-causing bacterium by the 1940s. Its action as a broad spectrum antibiotic has never been matched by the modern pharmaceuticals in that it produces no drug resistance whatsoever.

Now that modern antibiotics are almost completely useless due to their creation of resistant organisms, Silver is our very best option. Silver is completely safe to take, has no side effects and is cheap and simple to produce. I often recommend that Silver is best used in conjunction with other herbal treatments which support the immunity and the elimination required to completely resolve the brush with infection.

In particular nowadays, I prescribe Colloidal Silver in conjunction with the herb Thuja, to recover from or prevent people from contracting hospital based antibiotic resistant infections such as Golden Staph.

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