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Chronic Sinus Rehabilitation

100 ml. Blend. Dose 20 drops three times daily mixed in water: $58
(Note: The Blend, with dropper top provided, is sufficient for approximately 5 weeks)

Some people, prone to sinus irritation and inflammation or to infection, end up with sinus problems which never seem to go away. Some of them are miserable for six months of every year and others seem to spend their lives on antibiotics and sprays and seem to get worse and worse over the years.

These patients are my Chronic Sinus sufferers and, whatever the original reason for their problems, the situation at this stage is that the mucous membranes which line the sinus cavities are actually breaking down and constantly inflamed and/or infected.

An effective treatment therefore must include ingredients which genuinely rehabilitate and repair the mucous membranes because without this, there is no hope of restoring them to normal health and breaking the cycle of constant re-infection.

My Chronic Sinus mixture contains 7 herbs, 4 of which are directed at rehabilitating the damage done. The others are to clear the current infection, the waste products of past infection, and to reduce over-sensitivity. In cases where there has been a great deal of antibiotic therapy Colloidal silver may be required to deal with resistant infection created by the exposure to antibiotics. In those other cases where steriod nasal sprays have been over-used for symptomatic control, there are other supplementary treatments which can be employed.

The best approach is to start on a course of the Chronic Sinus Rehabilitation Mix, whatever your history, and to report back to me personally after about 6 weeks, so that I can provide further advice at that stage of the treatment.

The herbs used in this mix are Buchu, Fenugreek, Echinacaea, Horseradish, Garlic, Golden Seal, and Comfrey as well as the Bach Flower Remedy Olive.

Chronic sinus infections are not a difficult problem to treat successfully with herbs but you need to follow a program for 6 months or more to heal a such a case permanently.

Chronic Sinus Cure and Rehabilitation with Herbs - Susan

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