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Bone Healing         

100 ml Blend. Dose 20 drops 3 times daily in water: $58
(At the recommended dose, this Blend will provide 6 weeks of continuous treatment)

This mix is for broken, bruised or cracked bones, to assist in the process of maturity in the bones of growing children and to assist in preventing and/ or reversing bone degeneration in the elderly.

It contains herbs high in silica which is the essential metabolic partner of calcium for strong bone growth. Other herbs support the bone marrow and the production of new and more elastic bone material rather than bone scar tissue following injury, operations or in persons subject to the process of osteoporosis. This mixture is also appropriate to all bone cancer patients along with other support mixtures.

The herbs I have chosen for this simple and reliable formulation are:- Comfrey, Equisetum, Yarrow and Rosehips with the Bach Flower Remedy Oak.

You will notice that I have not included any comment about the need for dairy products or calcium supplements in this discussion. This is because, contrary to advertising claims during the past 60 years or so, milk and dairy products are extremely unbalanced and not particularly healthy food substances. Dairy products contain vast amounts of calcium which the body cannot make use of without other minerals like silica and magnesium and certain trace elements, none of which are found in milk.

A good healthy diet high in unprocessed grains and vegetables is important also to support healing of damaged or weakened bones as is weight bearing exercise.

I recommend that anyone serious about healing damaged or weakened bones include Oats and a ground combination of Millet and Linseed in their breakfast. Also that they work at a regular program of weight bearing exercises appropriate to their age, strength and fitness level.

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Please Note;
This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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