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Bladder Stone Herbal Treatment        

100 ml Blend. Dose 20 drops 3 times daily in water: $58
(At the recommended dose, this Blend will provide 6 weeks of continuous treatment)

Our Kidneys and Liver are the two hardest working systems of our body involved in cleaning the blood and eliminating toxins. The whole of our blood passes through these two organs many times every hour and they can cope with an enormous workload if only we treat them kindly.

Our kidneys are so important and critical that we have been provided with two, one for a backup. They are located one on either side of our back just under the rib cage close to the spine. We all know that some people manage with one kidney and that other folk live by connecting their blood supply up to a machine twice a day to clean the blood when both their kidneys have failed. We have all heard of Kidney transplants and people donating one of their kidneys to a family member whose kidneys have failed.

Simple healthy habits ensure that your kidneys remain healthy and the greatest proportion of kidney failure in recent years has been through people not taking care to drink enough decent quality fluid, not treating infection properly or through the overuse of medications of one sort of another.

In other words, most of those folk who live only because of kidney dialysis machines or who live only by the use of a transplanted kidney should never have gotten into this state at all, and modern habits and modern medicine is largely to blame.

Healthy kidneys need lots of healthy fluid taken into the body to assist in washing out toxins through the urinary system.

The fluids, which are, produced end up in our Bladder that is immediately downstream from the Kidneys. The idea is that we store the waste fluid there and then, as the bladder fills up, we get the urge to urinate and we pass this fluid out as urine.

The health of the bladder therefore depends on how strong the chemicals are which we are storing there and how frequently we are able to get rid of them. Some folk get into the habit of holding on to their urine for far too long, because they don't want to interrupt what they are otherwise doing or they are uncomfortable outside of their own surroundings and resist using other toilets than their own.

Not drinking enough healthy fluid, holding onto fluid in the bladder and allowing it to become more and more concentrated are the primary cause of bladder infection and of bladder stones.

Chronic bladder infection or blockage in the bladder are the primary causes of Reflux which is where these toxic fluids get pushed back up the tubes to the Kidneys and cause enormous damage, kidney failure and death.

Bladder stones form when strong chemicals sit around for too long in the bladder and begin to crystallise out inside this structure. These crystals can cement together to form stones and the stones can block the bladder from emptying. Sometimes stones are so called cholesterol stones that mean they are composed of fatty substances rather than mineral deposits.

For my patients, I not only seek to allow them to break up crystal or fatty stone deposits and allow them to bass through easily out with urine, but I want to prevent their building up ever again.

Therefore, whenever a patient presents with bladder stones I provide them with a lot of advice about kidney and bladder health and management and I place them on a long-term mix aimed at clearing all deposits and not just the stone they are trying to deal with at the moment.

My basic Bladder Stone formulation consists of a concentrated extracts of the following herbs; Equisetum, Buchu, Uva Ursi, Rosehips, Alfalfa, Corn silk and Garlic.

This mixture taken as a supplement, 20 drops three times a day in a full glass of plain water, will begin immediately to break down bladder stones of all types and prevent them reforming. If a bladder stone shows up on a scan and we are able to work through a course of 6 weeks or so before any serious attack or blockage occurs, we will be able to avoid that eventuality completely.

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This information is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Herbal descriptions are examples of combinations of herbs and should not be interpreted to mean that this combination is for this condition.
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